Are there American Style Gangs in The Philippines?

I’ve seen signs of Bloods and Crips when I lived in Talisay City which is a suburb just south of Cebu City.  What kind of signs?  Within a block or two of jaileach other I saw the words “Crips” and “Bloods” written on the walls.

There was other graffiti but it wasn’t of the quality that I often saw in the USA.  In Memphis, there was some really beautiful graffiti and some of it was gang related.  I once passed by one area where one of the Asian gangs were painting a beautiful dragon on a wall.  The city soon sand blasted that off the wall.

I asked some of the Filipino I knew if they were really Bloods and Crips and all of them told me they thought it was wanna-bes.  I hope so but I’m not so sure.

Republic Act 9344

There is a law in the Philippines that makes it practically impossible to prosecute minors.   Republic Act 9344 doesn’t quite do that, but its application in Cebu has effectively resulted in the government taking that position.

Recently there was a young girl, 13, gang raped and then killed.  All but one of the members of this group were not held by police.   You can read that shocking story by clicking here.  This sounds like an American style gang in the Philippines to me!

It seems to me that RA 9344 would set up a perfect breeding ground for organized crime.  There are laws to protect kids from such organized crime syndicate bosses but it seems to be hard to prosecute the people that use children to commit their crimes for them.

The kids don’t have any reason to talk about who they work for as they can’t be prosecuted.   If they do talk, what kind of jeopardy would they put themselves or their families in?  Probably substantial.

Large Filipino Population In California

It is my understanding that there is a large population of Filipino living in Southern California.  There are many gangs in south California.   The leaders of gangs would be in a position to find someone willing to return to the Philippines with the intent of starting local gangs.

One thing that might help to slow the growth of gangs is that Filipino families, often have strong ties.  I don’t know if this holds as true in Manila as it does in the provinces.  Still, the allure of flashy Filipino with lots of money will be very appealing to many.  I’d like to have a Corvette or Hummer myself.  Tempting bait for recruiters to use.

It would be a shame to see the growth of gangs with American ties to see growth here.  Some say they are already here.  I don’t know that to be true but there is some evidence of that.  I found someone on YouTube promoting the Crips and Bloods.  I doubt a gang member would promote both though?

I sure hope the Philippine government has this under control.

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