Dengue Fever Still Killing In The Philippines

The number of cases of dengue fever have doubled in Manila.  In Cebu there is good and bad news, the number of cases are down by nearly a third but the deaths from the illness has nearly doubled with 76 deaths, 33 within Cebu City.

The recent death of a toddler there sparked new alerts and reminding people to make sure there is no standing water that provides a place for them to breed.  Of course, a person can do every thing right and others around them don’t and mosquitoes breed.  And of course, mosquitoes just happen.

A recent death in the Leyte Province City of Tacloban of  a five year old has caused new alerts there as well.

man with dengue rash

Example of Dengue Rash on a Man

The public and health professional continue to ask for more pest control by the spraying of pesticides.  I’ve seen one such operation one time since I’ve been here.  It is surprising that there are not more mosquitoes here.  They are not nearly as bad here as they are in Memphis and the Mississippi Delta had many more of the pesky flying insects. My guess is they are not as bad since so much of the water is salt or brackish water.  Not a place for a mosquito to thrive.

They are at their worst at dusk, just as they are in the states.  On my walks, I sometime run into them just outside the developed area of the city.  So if it is getting late, I avoid those areas. The government officials appear to be taking some measures to fight the illness and some point their finger back at the public, reminding them to protect their children.

It appears the children have the hardest time fighting off the virus.  I keep seeing different information regarding vaccines.  Most sites say there is no vaccine but other sources say there are vaccines. Dengue fever is also called Japanese Encephalitis.  Encephalitis is a term many Americans will know.

When I was a teenager in the 70’s, we had a breakout of encephalitis in Mississippi.  My girlfriend’s parents would make us come in instead of sitting outside and talk.  We hate that, funny I was so willing to give up an air conditioner back then.  Anything for a pretty girl and she was too. 🙂  I don’t believe anything has changed on the encephalitis vaccine.  Maybe those sites I saw were not reliable.

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