Have you decided you want to live in the Philippines?   Still trying to decide if you want to live in the Philippines?  Or maybe you do live in the Philippines, if so, do you enjoy your life in the Philippines?

I choose to live in the Philippines about five years ago.   It took me another two years or so to make it happen.  I had never been outside the USA, other than to Canada for a 10 day stay.

When I went to Canada, I went to see  a woman.   A woman I later married.   When she learned of my plans to go to the Philippines she stated something like “Can’t you find an American woman?”   I found that humorous.  Maybe the answer is no.  Well, I could.   But I wasn’t looking forward trying to date on my retirement income.

The cost of living in the Philippines is much lower than the USA.  In my homeland, I would be broke.  I’m not rich in the Philippines

Live In The Philippines -- Sunset In The Philippines

Sunset on The Bay of Bogo

but my money goes a lot further here.  The exchange rate is a big factor in that.   If the dollar falls enough, it would be much more difficult for me to continue to live in the Philippines.

I’ve written a lot on the exchange rate so I don’t plan on doing it again, not at this time but when speaking of the cost of living in the Philippines, it is the number one factor one must consider.  It usually plays a much bigger role than inflation does and high inflation in the Philippines would usually weaken the peso and put upward pressure on the dollar.

Why I Live In The Philippines

I can’t really say that I came to the Philippines to find a woman.  Though I had one in mind and she played a big part in my deciding to move to the Philippines.

However, when it came down to it, I realized that making such a major change for any one person might be taking a big chance.  It set me up for failure so I broadened my expectations just in case that one failed.

I came for the lower cost of living and for an adventure.   To expand my life.   To experience another part of the world.  And to hopefully find a great woman.  I didn’t know enough about the Philippines to know that my being able to find a good woman was very likely.

Wow did it change my view of the world!  A change for the better.  I gained a lot of knowledge about what life outside of the USA is like.  No, I don’t know what life in England compared to the USA would be like.  There would be changes but not as drastic as the changes I found moving to the Philippines.

While I came to the Philippines because I was looking for an adventure and a lower cost of  living, I live in the Philippines because of Jessie.   Jessie is my girlfriend.   She was the woman I had in mind when I left but there was no way to know if it would work out.

This month, we start our fourth year being together in person.   She’s certainly treated me better than any other woman I’ve ever been involved with.

Happy Valentines Day Jessie!  Thank you for being so awesome!

I’ve known some expats that have nothing but trouble with women here and I’ve known others that are very happy with the women or woman they are with.   I’ve seen some get married and I’ve seen some get divorced.   Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t divorce a Filipina.   You can, you just can’t do it here.   A foreigner can return to their home country and divorce.   American’s can go to Guam.  Hopefully, that want be necessary as it is never pleasant and it isn’t cheap.

Happy to Live In The Philippines

So I am very happy about my choice to live in the Philippines.   What about you?  Where are you in your path toward living in the Philippines.  How long have you been planing on moving to the Philippines?  Why do you want to live in the Philippines?  If you are here, why did you come and are you happy with the outcome?  How have you changed since you moved to the Philippines?  I look forward to hearing from you so please let me know!

If you’re serious about moving to the Philippines check out my eBook, The Basic Expat Training Manual. It will show you how you to could be living in the Philippines and arm you with the information you need to live in the Philippines.

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