Yes, it does get cold in the Philippines. But, you’ll need to go to higher elevations. Though the Philippines weather is known for its heat there are exceptions.  At around 25C, still quite warm, you’ll see many Filipino wearing wind breakers and covering up to shield from the cold.

Recently temperatures as low as 2C have been reported on Mt Pulag in Luzon.  Yes, that’s only two degrees above freezing.  This is the second highest peak in the Philippines.  The highest peak is Mt. Apo located in the southern island of Mindanao.

Baguio is often said to be cold.  Then I hear expats going there and wondering why they say that.

mountain in the Philippines

Mount Pulag located in Luzon, Philippines

They report that it is quite hot.  It depends on the time of year and it gets much warmer during the day when the tropical sun is beating down on the Philippines.

Recently Baguio has  reported temperatures as low as 9C.  Baguio is sometimes referred to as the summer capital of the Philippines.  Those with the means like to visit there to vacation during the hotter months of the Philippines.

It has been raining a lot lately.  It started a few days before new years and has been cloudy and cooler than normal.  However, these cooler temperatures are normal in Cebu during this time of the January.  Some say this is Winter in the Philippines but its not accurate.  The Philippines has no winter.  It has two season, the rainy season and the dry season.  The exact timing of those seasons depends on where you are.   Not all regions of the Philippines have a  season where there is a huge increase in the amount of rain.

Some expats move to Baguio for the cooler temps but that is become less common among Western expats.  I saw reports yesterday that nearly 90% of visa extensions at the Bagiuo officer were requested by Koreans.

So yes, living in the Philippines is quite hot most of the time for most of us, there are exceptions.  I should probably have picked a cooler place myself.  Moving now would be troublesome as I’ve accumulated stuff.

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