Double Dead In The Philippines

I never heard the term double dead meat until I have been living in the Philippines for a while. What is double dead meat? Did it die twice? No it didn’t die twice, it is one of those terms that become popular with the public and it is a good way to describe what is meant in as few words as possible. A trait common in Filipino culture.

What is Double Dead Meat?

The Filipino word for it botcha and sometimes it is called hot meat. Double dead meat is meat from an animal, usually a pig that died from natural causes but was not destroyed as required by Philippine law. Instead, it is cooked and eaten. Usually it is sold to the public but not always. This was a major problem in the USA in the early years. The USDA was created because of these issues. It likely had another name in the early days.

I see quite a few arrest for selling tons of double dead meat in the Philippines.  Have I ever eaten double dead meat?

Probably not Double Dead Meat

I’d like to think I have not but there is no way to know. I suspect all of us, in all parts of the world have had a bit of it. It is enough to make me want to become a vegetarian. Not much hope of that though.

Recently, there was a massive fill kill in Taal Lake which is located in Luzon, the main Island of the Philippines where Manila is located. Tons of fish have died in that lake and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources have finally said no fish should be harvested.

There are reports that some Filipino have been eating the double dead fish. Filipino do not like to waste anything. Some are just not aware of the dangers.  After all, they are going to kill it before they eat it anyway, right? You see someone else do it and they have no problems and think it is okay. We’ve all be guilty of that assumption in our lives.

It is said that double dead meat is usually pale in color compared to other meat and is sticky. That probably depends on many things, mostly the age of the meat or how long it had been dead before it was cooked.  As you probably know, most meat in the USA is pumped full of red dyes to make it look more juicy to the buyer.  There is something about sticky meat that just makes me go “ewwwwww.”

If you are livng in the Philippines you’ll see the term double dead meat. The first time I saw it, I had ask my girlfriend what it meant and looked it up on the web too. If you’re a first time visitor to “The Cebu Experience,” chances are you found this web page doing just that. If so, please leave a comment and say hello. I’d love to hear from you.

How Common Is Double Dead Meat in the Philippines?

I don’t know the answer to that question. It isn’t uncommon. Based on the number of arrest I read about it. Arrest involving tons of meat. Often it has been imported so don’t always blame it on Filipino. Blame it on greedy business people that don’t care about anyone but themselves. The majority of Filipino are good people and don’t let anyone tell you different. Those that will are often hanging out in all the wrong places.

I wouldn’t get overly freaked out over double dead meat in the Philippines.  From all the arrest I see on this subject, it is clear to me that Philippine authorities are doing their best to confront and limit the sale of double dead meat to the public.

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