Duty Free opened a store in Cebu City yesterday.  It is an 1800 square meter or nearly 20,000 square feet store.  They are billing it as a mall within a mall.  The store is located in the largest mall in Cebu City or SM Mall.  It is as large and modern as anything I’ve seen in the US with one exception.  A lot of the stores are selling counterfeits.  Many don’t and the counterfeits are at excellent prices and are probably a better buy for the consumer.  If you’re buying a $300 Ipod for $75.00 or about 3000p then don’t try to kid yourself, it’s counterfeit.  In the Philippines they are most often called reconstructs.

I have not been to Cebu in about two months but I think I will go tomorrow, I will attempt to see the doctor while there.  To get ahead of his list though I have to get there an hour before the doctor is scheduled to arrive.  I’m thinking this could be a long wait and may make it so that I have to spend the night.

I hope to get by the Duty Free store.  I don’t really understand what they are doing exactly.  Duty Free is usually in an Airport and you can buy things from the store without paying normal taxes on it but they deliver it to you while you are actually in flight.  But I think they carry items that Filipino may want but can’t get.  Hopefully they will carry things I want but can’t get as well. The store is marketing itself to expats as well as Filipino.

I want to see what the store carries, so I will likely go with Jessie to Cebu tomorrow.

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