Paris Hilton Wants To Live In The Philippines

Paris Hilton Wants To Live In The PhilippinesParis Hilton wants to live in the Philippines. That’s what she has been quoted as saying by several articles on the web. I have a hard time picturing Paris Hilton living in the Philippines.

Of course her living in the Philippines would be considerably different from my own. She would have a much more plush life than most of us and able to afford whatever extra cost she would incur. I don’t think she’ll be visiting the Sulu Region of the Philippines but then, neither would I.

Does Paris Hilton Really Want to Live In The Philippines?

Does Paris Hilton really want to live in the Philippines? I don’t know. Her visit here was to endorse a resort.  Specifically the Beach Club of Azure which appears to be a resort that will be designed by her. I found the press release a little hard to follow.  At times it sounds like it has been developed but it hasn’t and who knows how much involvement she really has. It will though be associated with her name. She indicated that it was the beaches of the Philippines that first drew her to the Philippines. And this is to be her first real estate development.

Century Properties, a major Philippines real estate firm is behind the project. I think Paris has been brought in to gain publicity but she appears to also be an investor in the project. So Hilton’s saying that she wants to live in the Philippines certainly has a commercial side to it.

From what it appears, her resort will include a man made beach in the middle of the city. I don’t know which city she was referring too.  I’m sorry Paris Hilton but that’s not living in the Philippines. That is so far from what the Philippines is. On a man made beach is how Paris Hilton wants to live in the Philippines.

It is hard to picture her on a Bantayan Island beach though she would likely find Ogtong Cave Resort up to her standards.  Well, that might be pretty much slumming for her. I keep picturing her in a pump boat with her poodle in her arms.  It is not an easy thing to grasp though I think it would do her a world of good.  Remember. Remember, this is the same girl that thought she could trademark the term “That’s Hot.”

Now she’s in charge of a 10 million dollar business. Doesn’t hurt to be born into money, have a popular TV show that I must admit was funny and I doubt those amateur videos of her that surfaced hurt her too much either.

I hope Paris Hilton did enjoy her stay here and she says she did.  Mostly I’m amused by it but I see her as a joke too so that shouldn’t be a surprise. She is a very rich joke though. According to the press reports Paris Hilton does want to live in the Philippines.

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