Juliet Claims Me as Her Own

In my last post, I talked about Juliet appearing  being afraid of me and loving toward Jessie.  Well that has all changed.  A day or so ago, as I was chasing Juliet around the room, she just stopped running and let me catch her.  From that point on she has been my monkey.  Her and Jessie have not been getting along at all.  She percived Jessie trying to take her food and bit Jessie about four times.  Not real hard bites but hard enough to break the skin and leave nasty looking bruises.

Jessie’s been trying hard to be friends with her again with mix success.  tonight Juliet showed her jealous side.  A filipina friend came over and Juliet started throwing things at her.  She made it clear she didn’t like the girl.  Jessie gave her (Jean) a hug and Juliet didn’t like that either.

Juliet threw a major fit, tossing things, giving Jean the monkey glare they do as a threat.  It can be a fairly intimidating stare down.

On the good side, Juliet and I are now the best of friends.  She waits for me to pick her up now and she loves to sit on my shoulder for hours, sleeping there and grooming me.  Problem is she also urinates on me at will. Grrrr, I’m running out of shirts!

I’ll be able to take her walking whenever I’m ready.  She’s still a little shaky.  Her balance is not as good as it should be but she’s getting stronger.  Her hips are still really sore.  Jessie has made a really nice “belt” to put around her waist.  We tried and tried to make a harness around her but the little Houdini kept slipping out of it.

She’s definitely acting like Kong now.  Like I said to start, these little monkeys are full of attitude.

The welder has the materials for her cage, I’m looking forward to having it finished.  He has some other jobs in front of ours.  It appears he does a lot of work like this.

It appears, like most Filipina, Juliet is a crazy jealous woman that expects me to be in an exclusive relatitonship only with her!  Problem is, she’s a Philippine Monkey!

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