When entering the Philippines on a one way ticket, you will need an onward ticket.  That is a ticket to another country.   After all, you’re entering as a visitor so you must have a ticket to another country outside of the Philippines.

Cheap Tickets in The Philippines

Many expats call these tickets a “throw away” ticket and they are looking for the cheapest price 320apossible.  I once bought an onward ticket for less than $200 from Cebu Pacific but I threw away that $200.  I don’t call that cheap.  I call it a cost of living here.

On my first trip to the Philippines,  I purchased a fully refundable ticket to Bangkok.  After a couple of weeks, I did get my refund.  That refund took another 30 days to post to my credit card.  I was told it could take up to 60 days.  I see a lot of expats complaining about various Philippine Airlines when it comes to this.  I don’t think this is specific to the Philippines though.  It has to do with credit card company policies.

Just now, I was doing some research on flights to the Philippines and saw an add for Tiger Airways.  I visited the site.  Just to see what they offered, I searched for tickets from Clark to Singapore for $39!  Wow, now that’s cheap.  That’s perfect for a throwaway ticket.

I hear a lot of expats talking of getting a ticket from Zamboanga City in the Southern Philippines to Malaysia.  Great idea but I was never able to find where to buy a ticket.  Jessie called their office and I was told I had to go to Zamboanga to get it.  I’m certain, there is another way but I never found it.

Since I have a mini website that focuses on flights to the Philippines, I often research airlines in the Philippines.   Tiger Air appears to be based out of Singapore but the address shown at the bottom of their website is from Australia.  If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines, I would visit their site when getting ready to book your flight.  Chances are they wont have a flight from your country but they may very well serve as a great way to obtain your throwaway ticket.

Tiger Airways could serve as a nice resource for expats living in the Philippines.

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