Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok

I thought I’d write a story to help people get around the Bangkok Airport.  It will be written for the infrequent traveler to and from the Philippines.  I say infrequent because those that go through it regularly will already know their way around.

The airport is quite modern as it opened within the last few years.  I think in 2006 but I”m not 100% certain on that.  While it’s not Atlanta Hartsfield, it is a large airport.  There are lots of high end stores, most too expensive for me to even consider.

There are people from every walk of life and it seemed every country.  Lots of Muslims, lots of Japanese and many other countries.

The first thing you need to know is which entrance to take, your taxi driver may not know.  Mine did not, he told me entrance three but that wasn’t correct.   It didn’t matter a lot though.  The entrance you want if you’re flying Philippine Air is Entrance 9.


At the Airport in Bangkok

However, if you get dropped at an earlier entrance, just go on in and turn right once you get to the walkway just inside the door.  It is air conditioned so you might as well be comfortable.

Once you’re inside look for Row T.  The rows of check in points are double rows and you won’t be able to see Row T until you pass it unless you come in on the left of it.  I had no trouble finding an official to point me in the correct direction though, as soon as I walked in the door.

When I first got there, there were no Philippine Airline representatives at the check in or their ticketing office.  There was a sign on the ticketing office with the hours.. I think they opened around 10am but closed again for lunch and where back around 2pm though I don’t recall exactly their hours.  They also have an office down town.

After you check in, you can proceed through immigration.  It went extremely fast both on arrival and departure.  There were no fees at all in the Bangkok airport!  No immigration fees, no terminal fees.

There are TV screens behind the check in stands, where you’ airline is present, they should indicate the name of the airline once they are present.

You’ll be on the fourth floor.  I went down to the second floor but never went to the first floor.  There are shops on the fourth, third and second floors.  If you smoke, there are smoking rooms on the second floor.  Turn toward the information desk and proceed to the walk way then turn right.  Near the powered walkways you’ll see smoking rooms on both sides of the hall.  Wow are they smoky!  Manila has a smoking lounge where you can buy food and drinks and they have special air conditioners and its not overly smoky at all.  I had cigars as I was bored out of my mind.  In Bangkok, I got there early and my flight left several hours late.

I smoked too much in Bangkok, wasn’t a lot for me to do.  Now I’m paying the price with raw lungs and a cough, plus I have only one cigar left!

For now you’ll need to take a taxi to the airport.  Bangkok has a rail system but it doesn’t go out to the airport yet.  One cabby told me it will go to the airport within a year.  I doubt he would tell me if it did go to the airport now but I saw a lot of construction so I think he was being honest.

Airport Fees in The Philippines

I should mention that in The Philippines you will encounter terminal fees in both Cebu and Manila.  When leaving Cebu to Manila I had to pay a P250 terminal fee.  Before leaving Manila, I had another P750 terminal fee to pay.  When I returned to Manila I had to pay P200 terminal fee before departing toward to Cebu City.

For those of you that have made the trip, if I’ve left anything out or said turn left when you should turnf right, feel free to speak up.  🙂

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