Foreigners living in the Philippines are often worried about their safety and crime.   I think the danger is greatly overstated but I have a tip for you in case you run into trouble and someone robs you.

Protecting Yourself From Crime In The Philippines

Some call it a throwaway wallet. Get yourself a second wallet. Photo copy just the very top edge of several credit cards and then glue these top edge strips into each of the slots that are designed to carry credit cards. Put some pictures in it and add a couple of P100 bills in there.

animated police carYour robber is not likely to inspect what he takes from you as they will be in a hurry to make a hasty retreat. By the time they discover they have been conned themselves, you will have cleared out of that area and I would make sure I avoided that area for a while.

Now what to do with your real wallet? I’ve heard people say keep it in your sock or underwear but that doesn’t seem very secure to me. Not sure how it would stay in my underwear and the sock is too obvious and wouldn’t work with my fat legs. Maybe if I put a rubber band around it, that would work but I already have circulation problems, I don’t need to add to it. There has to be a better way. I bet someone makes a strap to go around your leg that securely holds a wallet.

Maybe you have some suggestions on how to secure the real wallet in a safe place. Let me hear your ideas!

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