I hope it isn’t a trend that keeps the dollar sliding down as it will raise my cost of living and prevent me from doing all the fun things I would like to do. It hasn’t been a huge fall but for quite some time the dollar has been rising. The last two days it has fallen slightly against the Philippine Peso.

Hopefully both the peso and the dollar will recover soon. I had thought the economic down turn was over but now I have my doubts. I’m a lot more bearish than I was. Not in terms of the stock market anyway. Just my outlook is not as positive about the American dollar as the consumer price index is rising

It is obvious, when the dollar falls it makes life much harder for American expats in the Philippines and throughout the world. Two days thouogh does not make a trend and just quick look around the web indicates Wall Street thinks the dollar will rise. I hope that’s still good information. Things change fast in financial markets.

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