Learning To Walk Again

I bought some sandals the other day.  They are very common in the Philippines.   Often when I go out to eat, my legs and feet swell, sometimes to the point I either rub sores on me or it causes them, I’m not sure which.  I’ve always had problems with getting sores on my legs.  They use to get really bad when I was a child.  They were starting to be a problem again, so I got some sandals.

Problem is they flip flop and slide around, Jessie says I have to learn to grip them.  Hmm grip them with my toes?  Okay, now that caused substantial pain from the arthritis in my hips.  LOL

I sure am hard to please?  I’ve had some flip flops Jessie wanted me to get for around the house.  Its something Filipino do but I’m not use to it.  She calls them slippers and to irritate her I call them flippers. 🙂  She too easily  get irritated so I have to go for it.  She’s learned this about me so she pretends it no longer bothers her.

When I try to walk in my sandals for a longer distance, I usually end up in a tricycle.  I probably need to increase my arthritis medicine.  I’ve been having more trouble even in shoes I know how to walk in.  I was hoping I could reduce it, because of the side effects.  The NSAIDS for arthritis are hard on your kidneys and cause an increase in blood pressure too.  That means more blood pressure meds are needed.  Seems like a never ending story.

Seems like a never ending Philippines learning curve for me.  Didn’t think I’d have to walk again though.  I guess I’ll keep trying to wear them for going Flip Flopsout to eat and see if I can get use to them.  They are clearly more comfortable.  Or perhaps I should spend more than $6.00 for them.  I think they are too big but Jessie assures me, I just have to learn to grip them.  Fifty years old and I have to learn to walk again.  Okay, Okay, I’ll start with baby steps in my new flip flops.

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