PREDA Foundation:

People’s Recovery, Empowerment Development Assistance

I ran across a website that needs as much exposure as it can get. The site is and is dedicated to helping those that have been put into slavery here in the Philippines.

You might wonder how such a thing could happen.  It happens through lies.  Girls are offered jobs as a nanny in a different island, often young girls at the age of 13 or 14 are offered jobs as domestic helpers in Manila.  But instead, they end up Angeles City, locked away and served up to foreigners as they toys to do with as they wish.

A few manage to escape, some through their own means and others are rescued by the government.  The Chief of the Bureau of Immigration is vowing to seek out those that come to this country for such activities and lock them up.  He mentioned websites that encourage foreigners to visit these hot spots of which Angeles City is the most well known for this kind of activity.  Jail terms can be long and hard in the Philippines.

I don’t know PREDA’s politics, and I’m not commenting regarding that, just on how children end up in these situations and hoping to reach maybe one person that thinks the girls are doing these things on their own free will.  Some do but others do not.

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