The Bureau of Immigration (BI)  is preparing guidelines for a new visa.   This visa will be the medical visa and is aimed at increasing medical tourism to the Philippines.

The cost of medical treatment in the Philippines is far below that of the USA and most other Western nations.

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Philippine Bureau of Immigration For Informational Purposes Only

There has also been abuse in  this area with the buying and selling of human organs.   That is considered  human trafficking.   The Philippines made it more difficult to do  that a couple of years ago.  The selling of human organs was banned in the Philippines to reduce this practice.   It does still happen  though. At its peak, ordinary Filipino found it very difficult to obtain an organ transplant. People were more likely to sell a kidney or other organ rather than give it away.

Some have even married Filipino in order to get their organs.   A Saudi man was denied his application for transplant because he had recently married a Filipina.  They did not have a common language so authorities halted the procedure.

Still, one sees in the Philippine press where people are arrested for brokering the sale of human organs.  I’ve  even seen cases where the donor claims not to have been paid.

I suppose there is a lot of despair on both sides of this.   Poor Filipino need money and a dying person needs that organ.  A situation ripe for abuse.  Penalties for  human trafficking in the Philippines includes life in prison.

I wonder if I might qualify for a medical visa.   I hope so.   It will allow for a stay of six months without extensions.    I suppose it would  mean I have to start actually going  to the doctor.  I know I need to go to the doctor more often.

When I visit my internist the fee is only P500 or about $11.   That price reminds me of the old country doctor I  use to see in the 1970’s in Clinton Ms.   His name was Dr. Reynolds.   He was quite good actually.  There were still signs of segregation going on within his office in the early 70’s.   There was a black waiting room and a white waiting room.   I once remember going into the  black waiting room.  I didn’t know  there was a  difference.   The African American’s were staring at me as if I was a monster!  I was soon ushered into the other, all white waiting room.

I don’t have a date that this may be implemented.  I will keep an eye out for it though.

In some areas of the Philippines, medical treatment is very good.  This is especially true around Manila.   Of  course, a lot of research before hand would be needed.   Cosmetic surgeons could do very well if this proposed policy does become law.

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