I have just released the fourth edition of Philippines Experience:  Basic Expat Training Manual and created a new website just for that eBook.  It now contains about 127 pages.

Busy in Cebu

If you’re thinking of moving to the Philippines, I feel this eBook will speed up your arrival here.   It is also packed with information that you can’t find any place else, not even on this website.  I’m able to openly discuss issues in my eBook that I’m not comfortably with talking about on this site.

While it is positive about the Philippines, Its also packed full of some of the scary side of the Philippines and helps the reader to spot potential problems before they happen.

I have updated this eBook several times now and if you purchase,  you will be able to upgrade to the latest edition at the same introductory price of $27 19.95.  This eBook is valued at $50 and I do intend to raise the price to $49.95 in the not too distant future.  I have not yet set the date.

To learn more about my eBook, please visit my new site:  Expat Manual

To be honest, I’m kind of proud of it.  You’ll see a full list of all chapters covered, testimonials from those that have read Basic Expat Training Manual and learn about the free bonus that goes a long with it, a $10 value included for nothing.

And here is a little bonus for you.  It will benefit me but it is also meant as a bonus for my loyal readers.  For the first five people that request it, I will GIVE you this edition of my eBook for free.   That’s right, absolutely free.  To qualify for this free offer you must do these things:

Agree to write an honest review of at least 20 words.  I hope you can be positive but most of all be honest.  I need to know how to make it better and what I did well too.   After reading your copy, you must post your review in the comments sections and know that I may use it in full, or in part,  on my Expat Manual website as a testimonial as well.

Rusty in Cebu

Agree to never share the eBook with anyone else.  I’ve worked very hard on it.  It represents hundreds of hours.  Since I didn’t pull information from this website, or other websites to write this eBook it took me hundreds of hours.  I’ve been working on it for a year and in the last two months, I have put a lot of time into it.  Besides my time, I have real dollars invested in this product as well.  I wrote it but it cost money to promote.  Just today, I paid someone to design a new cover for it since my graphic abilities are below my standards.

Be among the first five people to request a copy. To request your copy, leave a comment at the end of this post.  Use a real email address as I will grant you access via email.

Notice I didn’t make it obvious in the title what this post is about.  That’s because I wanted to offer it to those most loyal to the site.  I have considered limiting it to those that have commented in the past but perhaps I can coax some of the shy readers to post.

If you are interested in selling my eBook and earning a profit, let me know or visit the affiliate link you’ll find at the bottom of the site.   If  you’d like to purchase a copy of Philippines Experience:  Basic Expat Training Manual click Basic Expat Training Manual.

NOTICE:  I may increase the cost of this book in the future and I may not update the article to reflect the new cost.  However,  the current price will be clearly shown at the link above.

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