Foreign Protesters Draw Warning from Immigration

The Bureau of Immigration Chief warned protesters that they could be deported for their actions.  It seems that last month some members of PETA showed up at the Zoo in Manila in Bikini and signs.  I don’t know if they protest zoo’s in general or if PETA is unhappy with the Manila zoo.

One member of the group surely didn’t get it.  She gave an interview in which she reportedly said things like they can’t stop us.  Activist Ashley Fruno of Canada, went on to say there is nothing in her visa that indicates she is not allowed to protest.

What part of “shut up” does she not understand.  If the Philippines wants to stop you, they certainly will.  They may not bother with deporting you if you’re about to leave anyway. However, the day before the warning, a Japanese activist that participated in protest in 2001 was promptly returned to Japan when he showed up in the Philippines.  She and the rest may not know they’ve been blacklisted until they return or try to return.

The Philippines is not interested in foreigners coming here and trying to influence their culture.  The quote that I often see regarding these kinds of issues is:

“They cannot just protest here, especially if it violates the culture of Filipinos,” he said. “Foreigners should have no business joining these mass actions because it is tantamount to meddling in our country’s internal affairs.”

You may not like this but this is the law in the Philippines, either deal with it or perhaps you should stay out of the Philippines.  But I suggest you learn to deal with it, leave the protesting to others, chill out and have a great time.

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