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Didn’t take me long to find myself in the middle of an unwanted feud between myself and another expat. This guy really made me angry. Three years later, I know he was never worth a second thought. I didn’t want to feud. It was stupid then, it is even dumber now. That’s all I really have to say on that.

But geesh, the attacks going on the web among expats is humorous. They try to drag others into it. I allowed some of them to post here for a while but I got sick of it, Locked the thread and sent them all packing.  So they decided to setup dueling moron sites.

Some of you should be charged with conduct unbecoming a moron and deported. I suspect some have.  Some are gone, one has been exported but allowed to return.

explosionOn their own sites, they are free to bash each other.  Amusingly, my old feuder logged into one and called himself a god.  That really does kind of say it all.

I’m not going to go into what that feud is about, doesn’t matter they will grow tired of it, surely.  I can’t force myself to read the reams of information they have posted about each other.  And I mean massive amount of defaming information from both.  I wont spend the time to read that mind polluting junk. Let alone the hours upon hours of research they had to do to come up with this material.  They expose there obsessive minds and rip themselves up while attempting to attack the other.

One blogger threatened to put me on his wall of shame when I was slow to approve his post. I was slow because I was not aware of it. When I did approve it, he insisted that it was because he had threatened me.  Oh gesh does he not know me.  🙂  I approved it because I thought he made a clown of himself.

I’ve made an art form of not caring what others say about me.  More, I love to give them something to talk about. Then, disappearing while laughing at them and munching on my fight popcorn.  Frankly, it amuses me.

I don’t know, if I had nothing to do with my life, I might be more interested in their childish games.  Then maybe, I’d share in their brain rot. I think watching the grace grow would be of more benefit.


One of the favorite ways to attack someone is to proclaim them a sexpat.  Oh geesh, come on.   So he’s an expat and he likes women.  So much hypocrisy here.  The women in the Philippines had nothing to do with why you are here.  Nothing?  If you say so.   I’m sure for many that’s true.  For us retired single guys, sorry, I don’t believe you.

Guys, you’re no better, no worse than the ones you attack.  There is no need to feel so bad and so jealous that you have to take them down just so that you can feel better about yourselves.  I know you don’t realize that’s what you’re doing but, rest assured, that is what you are doing.  He’s screwed up, you’re screwed up and I’m screwed up.  None of us make it to 45 without being screwed up.  For most of us, the damage is done by the age of 12.

Your So Vain You Probably Think…

Just today, I had an expat try to pick a fright with me.  It saddened me a lot.   Nothing for me to do but move on.  Though, I wont be adding the links to his site back here.  Well, I might.  It would be good for the readers.  I wrote this article on Sunday, during the all day brownout.  I’ve been planning it since I removed a slew of comments here.  That’s what prompted this article.    Doesn’t matter who or why, I wont continue it.

I know by writing this, I’m being a bit hypocritical.  I know that I’m engaging to some extent.  If that were my purpose though, I’d have the names here of the feuds I know about.  See, there are so many that I don’t know about and I’m speaking to those too.  Just stop it.  Get out there, live a little and you too can have a life to write about.

So stop acting like you’re twelve.  You really can accomplish more, find more opportunities and have a better life by working with each other rather than fearing they will get ahead of you.  Don’t fear they may take your self perceived place as the god of expats.

I have one last thing to say, “Where is the Love?”

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