Public Restrooms In Cebu

Soon after I first started living in the Philippines,  I read a comment on a forum about the lack of restrooms in the Philippines. It was from an Australian and he went on and on about it. I don’t recall there being a lot of public restrooms sprinkled around in the USA either.

It seems though tourism groups have been complaining about it as well and Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia has taken note of this. She is planning on improving that situation. The Cebu provincial government has announced it is seeking bids for a 22 million pesos project to build public restrooms out in the province. Sometimes the conditions in the public restrooms are pretty dismal too. Not in the malls but in small shops I’ve seen some pretty disgusting practices in the pubic restrooms, such as shared towels to dry one’s hands. Thanks, but I think my pant legs would be a better choice.

Northern Cebu is expected to receive funding of P10.7 Millions while Southern Cebu is looking to get P11.3 million of funds for the project.

Public Restrooms In The PhilippinesThe governor also said the provincial government is willing to lend buses to towns and cities that can put together a compelling tour package for their city.

Old bones and pottery have been discovered in a town not far from me. Specifically San Remigio has had teams from university students from all over the world excavating a site there. San Remigio plans a museum to showcase these findings and sounds like it might be a perfect candidate for these loaned out buses.

Public Restrooms In Northern Cebu

Out in these remote areas, public restrooms would be more of a problem. I know of only a couple in Bogo City.  Gaisano Mall in Bogo has one, the disco down by the wharf has one and now the BBQ has one. I’ve not actually used the one at the BBQ but Jessie observed it the last time we were there.

Tourism is a major economic factor in Cebu. It seems the governor will do all she can in her last term to make certain that continues to increase, well other than allowing for bikini contest. She is not a fan of those. Personally, I think there is a severe shortage of bikini’s in the Philippines ha ha. But that’s another issue, one related to Filipino culture. Hey, its the Philippines, Filipinos should control their own culture, not us expats that are living in the Philippines as a guest.

Maybe the next time that unknown Australian will not be yelling so much about public restrooms in the Philippines. I never really understood why someone would write such a massive tirade on the subject. To travel to the Philippines and have the conditions of public restrooms weigh that heavily on my mind seems like someone needs to take a chill pill.

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