Notice of Typhoon from American Embassy Came Way to Late

I’m a bit disappointed regarding the embassy response regarding Typhoon Frank as it is known in the Philippines. After arriving here, I registered with the US Department of State so I would get information the Embassy considered important.

As an American expat living in the Philippines, I feel it is important to keep up with what is going on through official and not so official sources. The embassy released an alert about 24 hours after it passed through my city. It passed through other parts of the Philippines 24 hours before that. That’s a little late.

The alert that did come through mentioned only Manila. That’s pretty disappointing. It seems that unless it affected the Embassy there was no alert. Now, this storm didn’t follow the paths it was suppose too. We had only about 18 hours notice in Bogo City located within Northern Cebu Island.

Areas near us suffered heavy damage and chest deep water in places. We do have a local radio station so I suppose it is time for us to get a radio. I do wish my bank account was as big as my needs. 🙂

I hope the American Embassy will work harder to keep the expats and the tourist more informed!

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