Filipina — Two Parts Angel One Part Bulldog

If you’re new to living in the Philippines, a trusted Filipina can be the best weapon you could ever have. First, listen to her warnings about situations. Even if she’s wrong or just overly cautious she knows more about the Philippines than you do. Of course, if she’s the wrong Filipina, she might turn around and eat you in a very unpleasant manner. You wouldn’t be the first guy to have a Filipina rob him blind.  That usually happens when he returns home though. Why didn’t you take her with you? Maybe that’s why she robbed you blind.

A Filipina can be a bulldog guardian angel for you if you let her. When we first get here, we must have an invisible neon sign flashing “I’m new, scam me” over our heads. It must be invisible and only scammers know how to see it. I say that because I just don’t have the attempts to scam me happen as much as it did when I first got here.

I’m talking about people I don’t know approaching me on the street and trying to get me to give them money. That was the most common thing I had happen when I first arrived. I found this kind of thing far more common in Cebu City than in Bogo City.  I did see it in Talisay but that’s a part of Metro Cebu City.

I remember pinoy starting a conversation with me when Jessie and I had been a few yards apart. As soon as Jessie returned to my side, poof, they were gone.  Sometimes their face would drop on the site of her. It was obvious that the arrival of the Filipina meant the end of the scam.

I even got to the point where I’d make it clear that this Filipina was with me. I’d do it so they’d leave me alone. I mean guys with poor intentions would leave me alone. It was like I pulled out a little policeman and put him on my shoulder. I didn’t have to draw a weapon, all I needed was my attack dog Filipina.

Since it doesn’t happen any more, should I assume that the batteries in my invisible sign have died? Now someone will read this and say “Awww, so that’s what Filipino are like?” No that is not what Filipino are like. Some that visit here will tell you different because they remember the few that tried to or managed to scam them. Hardly anyone will even try to scam you. A few people out of the tens of thousands that I encounter or that others encounter will leave that impression.  A few of the underbelly become what Filipino are said to be like but that is not accurate.  Very few tried to do this to me.

This happens all the time and it happens in the USA too, this is how unjustified prejudices are formed and how racisms is justified by the ignorant.

Angelic Filipina

I’ve talked about how good Filipina treat a man that treats them well. Heck, many times they treat men well that treat them badly. Jessie is unbelievably good to me. She goes to sleep when I’m  wide awake and she tells me to wake her up if I get hungry.

I get up to get something and she will beat me too it and get it for me.  One day, I asked her to hand something to me and then I laughed at myself. I could get it just as easy as her but she’s got me so freaking spoiled that I’m use to her doing everything for me. I try to remember I can do it myself. Honestly, she makes it hard for me to remember that.

That she’s also one very hot pinay is something that just makes it all that much sweeter.

A Filipina is simply your guardian angel if you choose wisely and have a little luck too. If you’re unlucky and a bit unwise in choosing which Filipina is close to you, well, then you just might be dinner.

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