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A few nights after the Bikini Contest, we were back at the Bogo City BBQ by the Seaside.  It was raining so that put us into close proximity to all the others.  We had to move in from the outdoor tables to the tables under the roof, where the shop owners sit and cook.   This pretty girl was sitting opposite of me.  I notice she had a different air about her.  She seemed much more confident that most Filipina.  I took her picture. A few moments later I noticed a guy hanging over her, looked like a body guard.  That’s fairly rare thing to see here.  I mentioned it to Jessie but I didn’t really think it was a body guard at that time.

A few moments after taking this picture, she took my picture with her cell phone.  I’ve seen a many Pinoy (males) doing this with their hand when you take their picture.  Most Filipina though are shy and hide from the camera.  I expected her to do the same but she did quite the opposite.  A nice surprise.  Now the girls at the disco are generally not shy but that’s an exception to the normal reactions you’ll find here in the Philippines.  No doubt she was showing interest with her hand gesture here and when she took my picture.

When she got up to leave, we noticed the guys that were hovering around her waited a few seconds and then followed behind her.  They were actually body guards.  I asked a few of the locals if they knew who she is but none did.  Jessie and I thought maybe it was the mayor’s daughter but the mayor doesn’t have a daughter from what  I can tell.

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Later on that evening, we ended up back at Japer’s Disco and things were a bit wilder there on this visit.  The mayor and the middle aged women where not there and the girls and the guys where making much more of a scene.

Romance was definitely in the air, these kinds of things are swept under the rug here in the Philippines but it is alive and well in the disco.  It was about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.  There was clearly some dirty dancing and the guard was keeping a close eye on the dancers, especially when a horde of them got around the pole.  His presence though, kept things from getting completely out of control.

The mayor’s son  was there with body guards.  They all had a good time and his date was the hit of the dance floor.  He was a good sport about it as she was getting lots of attention from several of the guys, both Filipino and Expats.  Well, mostly one expat as he and I was the only one there.  This caused a little drama with his girlfriend who had been watching from distance.  Filipina, more often than not, insanely jealous.

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The mayor’s son was on the mic for a while so I sent a Filipino friend a text message and told him he might be able to get the mic.  He tried but they don’t know him and that didn’t go very far.  A couple of the regulars ended up with the mic at the end of the show as well.  But JR just didn’t get his shot.  I think he’s going to have to go often to pull that off.

There were a lot of gay men there.  They are fun to watch.  Jessie enjoys watching them.  Some of them make it very hard to tell they are men at all.  The guy in this picture does a good job of becoming a female for the night.  Now I don’t know if he is gay or not.   The only way I could tell that he was a guy is that he is a lot larger than the other girls.  Even then, I had to ask a Pinoy to be certain that he was in fact a guy.

For all the Photos taken during the evening check them out here.

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