At 49, I never thought I’d be met by a group of squealing teenage girls and some young adults too. Now this is not going to my head but I sure did enjoy it. I mean some of these girls were not even in school yet. TwoSquealing Filipina Give Boost My Ego of them looked of age though. They were sitting in a covered “waiting area” and they started waiving and asked me to take their picture.

I’m use to Pinoy (males) asking to have their pictures taken. I’ve not met a lot of shy Pinoy. Now I have met a lot of friendly ones. I’ve met a lot of friendly Pinay but usually shy, at least a little shy. But I guess the mob mentality had set in on these girls and they were squealing, not just at me either. But when I walked over to take their picture, they went wild.

It was funny and noteworthy to me. But today on my walk, no one recognized me, no squeals. One day a Filipino rock star, the next, just another kano (white man). But I did take my monkey and that always gets me noticed. It seems to make many Filipino more friendly He serves as an ice breaker. I’ll be glad when I learn to speak more Visayan so I can talk to the people here.

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