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Loving Filipina

Filipina are often the most loving women that one can find. I know that I’ve never run into anyone as giving as Jessie. I can’t tell you if they are all like this. In fact, I can tell you they are not all as loving as her. Just like any where in the world you can find Filipina that love only their selves.

FilipinaHowever, I think it is far more common for Filipina to be overwhelmingly sacrificing. I try to catch myself and not let her give so much. To encourage her to take a little more, that she doesn’t have to make herself last in everything. It truly goes against her nature though.

From buying things for herself to eating, Jessie will always put herself last.  From small things to big things, she will put others before her. Not only their wants but she will sacrifice what she really needs so others can have something they don’t need.

Recently Jessie’s computer died. It may have only been her monitor but we were never sure. I’ve got a lot of experience with computers. For ten years, that’s mostly what I did at work. I made broken computers work. Usually it is just a setting. Jessie is very smart. She may actually be smarter than me. I know, “It is hard to imagine anyone is as smart as me” he said with a smile on his face. She is very good at fixing computers with problems now. Though I helped her get started on tinkering with them. She is now quite capable of fixing most computer issues that come up. I’ve always been attracted to smart women. For me, the smarter the better, not only is she the most incredibly loving and beautiful woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing “I love you” from but this woman can think. Where she often excels is in simple solutions. I’ll try doing something complicated and she says do it this or that way. Then I feel so foolish as I was coming up with my complicated solution.

We couldn’t fix her computer. It behaved in a very strange way. I decided I’d buy her a new one. I picked one out but she found a better one that cost about $100 more. It is a pretty decent machine. It is really more powerful than she and I need since we don’t play a lot of graphic intensive games. We both enjoy those but I don’t have the time and she’s happy playing solitaire or Farmville, both of which she excels at. Anyway, when it came time to buy the computer, and the fantasy became reality, she told me not to get it. She told me to buy my camera first. The camera I want cost so much I could be 3.5 of the same computers. I told her my camera was a long way off. I waited another day or two and ordered her computer from Gaisano. For myself, I found a used DSLR camera that is significantly less than what I want but will hold me over until I can get what I want.

Jessie also has an inner strength. Most Filipina that I know also have some problems with self esteem.Loving Filipina Most normal humans have that in one way or another. My own is probably far worse than it may seem. Jessie is not sacrificing because she doesn’t think she is not worthy. I don’t think she even thinks of herself.  When she wants something, she’ll stop herself and think of others first.

This week when we were at Bantayan Island Jessie did the most amazingly loving thing I’ve seen her do yet. I told her I was going to write about it. I thought it would be a good story to tell men what they can find while living in the Philippines.

Regular readers already know I have all kinds of skin problems, rashes here and there mostly. Allergies and lupus are behind it. My confused immune system doesn’t react when it should and then overreacts when it shouldn’t. For me, any place there is a concentration of lymph glands my skin is going to rebel. I often get rashes behind my knees. It is one of the worst spots. They are usually very temporary if I can resist scratching it. It burns and it really burns.

As we were touring Bantayan Island in a nice air con multicab provided by Ogtong Cave Resort, the area behind my knees started burning. Really it had started when we were at the Bantayan Town plaza. I hadn’t said anything about it. Jessie happened to mention that her hands were cold so I took her hand to warm it. Then I though, wow, my knees are burning, I’ll put her hand there to warm it. That worked well for both of us.

Love From A Filipina

I was talking with a friend while she was doing this. Then she started changing hands from time to time. It didn’t hit me at first but the girl with cold hands was holding her fingers in front of the air con vent and then placing them in the area behind my knees. Once I realized what she was actually doing, I of course told her to stop that. It helped, it stopped the burning and I managed not to scratch it. It left me in awe of what a wonderful woman I have.

If that didn’t sink in, think about this a moment. This woman with cold hands intentionally put her hands in front of the air con vent to make them cold so she could give me comfort! If I hadn’t stopped her she would have kept right on inflicting discomfort upon herself to ease my own discomfort. That is love and that is what you really can find in the Philippines. Now Jessie is a rare find but you can find something half that nice and still have an amazing woman.

Ralph, a long time reader of my website also went to Bantayan Island with us. In fact, it was his idea to go. He is much better traveled than I am but he is new to the Philippines and the culture. He’s going to do just fine here. He’s really a great human being. If something happens to me, I hope Jessie ends up with him!

He kept noticing and talking of how well Jessie treats me. How she takes splendid care of my every wish. He wasn’t with us 30 minutes before the first time he noticed. She hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary. She was just being Jessie. Probably many things I long ago started taking for granted. Don’t let yourself believe that I take her for granted but when you get this kind of treatment day after day, it doesn’t have the same impact on me as it once did. For Ralph though, freshly on the ground in the Philippines and not use to Filipina, he was amazed.  He kept saying things like “I’ve never experienced a woman like her.” I told him I hadn’t either until I got her and you should have seen the things she did when I first got here.  I also told him I’m certain he can find one.

Filipina in SwimsuitI’m still blown away when I recall the first time we took a shower together. And she knelt down and washed each of my toes with great care and detail. I remember writing my friend the preacher an email and telling him about that. Yeah, I can tell him things like that. He’s the Godliest man I know but he is not a judgmental better than though type person. You can be Christian without acting like that. In fact, if you’re Christian you have more reason not to act that way. Those that do act that way just don’t get what it means to be Christian. Yes I’m preaching a little here.  Hey, I’m Southern, I ramble, get over it haha.

Though Jessie is my experience with Filipina and I base what I know of their loving nature on her, I have seen others write about the loving nature of Filipina. The first time that I recall reading on this subject was from a blogger who’s first name is John. He wrote a nice article about things he likes about the Philippines. I think he had one hundred things he listed. I was a little jealous of his article and it has stuck with me. It was also one of the first times I realized just how different the Philippines could be depending on where you are in thePhilippines. In his area, taking a bus is closer to a luxury cruise than a jeepney. At the time, the buses in Cebu were not much more than that. Just bigger than a jeepney. The buses in Cebu were hot and uncomfortable. I use to comment that if it started to rain, they turned the air con off. The air con stopped working because they closed the windows.

The buses of Cebu are much better now. The drivers don’t drive so insanely crazy and many buses have air con. The three hour trip to Cebu City from Bogo is much less draining. It also use to take 2.5 hours because they are not driving as crazy as they use too.  However if you do drive in the Philippines, don’t get in a buses way. If it is a choice between the bus or you, you’re a goner dude.

It was John that first used the words “The loving Filipina.” It stuck with me because I realized it was a good concise way to say it. Now I know I’m not good at concise. You can get concise at Reuters. Yes, you can also get it on other blogs where the stories are three hundred to five hundred words. You know though, I have found that one really finds life in the side paths. We take a trip and see many nice things but often the best things are on the side paths where we just happened to ramble. Often you can find real gems in the rambling.

I’m not the only person that talks and writes of the loving Filipina. Their beauty is easy to see eight thousand miles away but their caring nature must be witnessed first hand. It is also just harder to find that online. The online population of Filipina does not represent the majority of Filipina. Most are the farthest thing from what you’ll find in the Philippines. Some Filipina are just scammers. Once you weed those out though there is another group that is harder to discern. Those are often sincere girls that are fooling themselves. About being able to consummate a real one on one relationship up close and personal once you actually show up. This is just as true of the men that are thinking of coming here though. We humans, all of us are very good at fooling ourselves and living in a fantasy. This is not about being a good person or a bad person, we can have the best of intentions and be fully lying to ourselves.

Filipina are often very shy and very timid. Often behind this is very poor self esteem. Once you are here, watch for this in your woman. It will take some time but teach her with your actions and your words just how special and good she is. Point out her strengths both those that are physical and emotional or mental. If you notice a flaw, downplay it as much as possible. I’m not saying ignore something you hate that she can change but if it is something that doesn’t matter really, ignore it. Ignore that scar or wrinkle. When she brings it up tell her you barely notice it except when she points it out. Instead tell her she’s so beautiful or wonderful in other ways that is all you can see. She is almost certainly a fantastic woman and she really deserves a boost in her confidence. She will also love you more though she may not even know why. And trust me on this,  an increase in her confidence will also come an increase in beauty. The way she moves may become even more enticing and irresistible. You’ll benefit immensely from her improved confidence. Don’t expect this to be an easy task. I doubt you’ll ever be as successful with it as your loving Filipina deserves.

And of course, they are not all one way or another. Filipina are human and they come in all kinds. Some are timid but a few are bold. Most Filipina are giving but others are self centered. Most posses physical beauty but not all, though they may be the best person for you as they may excel with inner beauty. Some are hardened and dead inside; some are soft and full of life. Some are afraid to step out of the door while others love to explore. Usually there is some combination of all of this in each of us.

Their sacrifice is often taught to them from the crib. I don’t know if it is verbally communicated, I think it comes mostly from observing others. It is partly tradition and it may even be genetic to some extent. Various illnesses run in regions because of genetics, there is no reason to think that behavioral traits would be any different. In all populations there is a mean, the center point of the genetic population and from that there are differences that can be either positive or negative.

hottie filipina

Hottie Filipina

I am certain though, if you look in the right places you can find a Filipina that can make your life closer to heaven than you’ve found before. It depends in part on what you want. If you’d rather enjoy many women and visit the bars, that’s what you like and I’m certainly not going to tell you it should be different. I have no idea what is right for you.

A few even get lucky and find a great woman in those places that becomes his life long loving Filipina. I must say though, more often than not that doesn’t go well. The guys that frequent the bars have a phrase for this. Sometimes a guy meets a girl that works in a bar. He then takes her as his own, often providing her with a place to live and sending her money once he’s back in his homeland. There are girls that have several guys doing this for them.  They call this the “Western Union Plan.”  Some guys don’t even care and I say if you know what you’re doing and are happy with it, great. I’m glad you found what makes you happy, I truly am. No sarcasm intended from me.

I’ve seen horror stories about Filipina and I’ve seen men that realize they have hit the jackpot in a relationship. Most men that are in long term relationships with a Filipina are very happy. They think that they have the best woman in the world. Well, they are wrong because I do ha ha. Some of the results you end up with will be pure luck. Two other things come into play though. These two things are closely related. In your search for a special Filipina keep these two things in mind:

  • She Is Not Your One in a Million Last Chance
  • Take Your Time

I know the first Filipina I had any significant contact with was a complete and total liar. She was married, had a baby and was even reasonably happy. She told me she was a virgin and hadn’t had a boyfriend since she was 16. Really she was also bored and looking for some excitement online.

I watched her self confidence grow a lot from the attention she ended up getting from many men. I thought she was my one in a million chance. She went from shy to sexy dancing in skimpy shorts and tops while in a video chat room. She was in a video chat “room” that often with more than 1000 people in it, many there just because of her.

She played me like a violin. My stars, she was an exceptional beauty and fun too. In reality, she wasFilipina in Jollibee also extremely self-centered and I think maybe even enjoyed hurting people. She clearly didn’t care who she hurt. She even told me that “I was a fool to believe anything she told me. That everyone lies online.”

She had no interest at all in money. She is a well off Filipina. She might even be from a rich family. I don’t know because all I really know is that 90 percent of what she said was a complete lie. She indicated she was rich and even had body guards at times. Who knows what was true.

She was lonely, her husband often traveled. She also suffered from panic disorder. You know I see that as more common among Filipina or I have run into more of them.

I know one girl that is often thought to be rude but later I realized she had panic disorder. Her boyfriend even mentioned sometimes she had “spells” and just shut down. What was actually happening is that she would pass out. Those around might think she is just drunk. Really, she has a severe illness that makes it hard for her to be around others. It makes her appear rude when she is not. She stops thinking clearly. Deep down this girl is really good person but she brings with her much risk as she is needy and lacks good judgment. She is also in her early 20s. She was barely 18 when I first met her. That is not a time in which people generally possess exceptional judgment. However, despite her being a good person. Her intense need for acceptance makes her a poor choice as a girlfriend.

Often guys fail to take their time when searching for love from a Filipina. You can find real genuine love from a Filipina. I think it is probably very easy to get a Filipina to love you. Many need only the most basic things. They need a guy to treat them well and a better life. A better life can be very basic indeed. If she lets you close to her and you treat her well often that is all takes for a Filipina to fall in love. I’m not the only one that I’ve seen say this. I saw many men say it when I first got here. Now I can confirm it. This can lead to trouble though. You may see a girl as a date; a close friend and she may be thinking husband and believes you are both thinking along the same lines.  Even if she is shy, you can’t be. You have to be direct if you really are a good guy; you need to make your intentions well known to her. If you don’t, you could end up with a very unfriendly visit from her papa, uncles and brothers with “sticks” that Filipino are often quite good at using as a weapon of self defense or revenge. This probably won’t happen but it can and does happen rarely.

The “This is my last chance for a beautiful loving woman” syndrome is often behind guys not taking their time. It can leave you with a huge target on your forehead. It can leave you broke and emotionally devastated. I have seen several guys with a lot less money and a broken heart.

Of course, you can also do everything right and still end up broken. That’s just the nature of love.

I’ll say yet again, that you can find a good Filipina in the Philippines. You might find her before you get out of the airport! If you’re a girl watcher like me, I think it is easier to find one. I seem to have a built in homing device for beautiful women. I just wish I also had an early warning system for threats with less than good intentions.

Filipina in Bogo CityHowever, I’ve hit the jackpot in Jessie. Maybe my self esteem is lacking but I have no doubt I can eventually run of the best girl in the world. If I ever loose Jessie, I would be devastated. I would probably leave the Philippines. I might come back eventually, I don’t know. Hopefully, I’ll never have to take the journey. Perhaps it is best that I realize it is always possible so that I don’t take her for granted.  I think all couples do that some after knowing each other for six years. That’s about how long I’ve known Jessie. It is maybe close to seven because I will have lived in the Philippines for four years this coming February. So I think I have known Jessie for seven years now. With three and half years of feeling her wrapped around me with the beautiful hair lightly brushing upon me. Maybe my knowing how easy it is to loose a woman is a good thing.

I hope that if you are searching for a Filipina to love and comfort you, to provide a soft and loving refuge that it goes as well for you as it has for me. I firmly believe that you can find a loving Filipina.

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