Thomas once asked me to add a video of Filipino going about their daily lives in Bogo City.  That is a pretty big task for me.  I did make one though.  I could probably make many.  Picking out which parts to include from the various tapes I have is the hardest part.  It is time consuming but I though it was a great idea and now I’ve done just that.

This video is long and includes a little of one of my favorite activities, girl watching. 🙂  My favorite part of the video is the Jollibee

Hand Made Cigars in The Philippines

Pretty Filipina Hand Rolling Cigars in SM

Bee.  You’ll see him dancing at Jollibee’s.   They do this on most Sunday’s around noon.  He is usually with his girlfriend who’s name is “Twirly.”

There is video of the public market in Bogo including some  bashful Filipina that are curious about the foreigner in the market.  It is not uncommon for foreigners to be at the market.  Only a few of us though.  It isn’t rare but we are not abundant there either.  I love going there.  Jessie doesn’t like crowds and noise and there is a lot of noise.

The video also includes Filipino going about their shopping in Gaisano, my walks around town and kids in the park.  As soon as I feel better, I’m going to make some new videos.  I think I’ve learned how to improve them a little bit.  Stop moving the camera around so much.  I counted on editing that out but it is not always as easy to do as I thought.

Anyway, this video should help you grasp a little more of what living in the Philippines is like.  I hope the length doesn’t discourage you.

I am a little sick today.  I hope it wont last long.  Our maid just brought back some antibiotics for me.  One of the benefits of living in the Philippines is that you can get many prescription medications without a prescription.  Of course, that could be dangerous too.  Especially, if you take a cocktail of them as I do.  For the various medical conditions I have to deal with.  Their interactions can be fatal.   Hopefully this wont last long but if I’m absent for a few days, that will be the reason why.

Please let me know what you think about the video.

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