Filipina, if you’ve followed me at all, then you know how much I like them.  If you haven’t, let me make it clear, I love Filipina.  I like to talk to them, chat with them online and most of all, I like to watch and take pictures of them.

I like them for several reasons.  Their beauty is surely part of that.

Like all women though, they do also frustrate me.  haha  We are made up so differently, men and woman.  That’s stating the obvious, I know, but it took me a long time to begin to understand just how different we think.  I know women don’t understand me.  I don’t know if I’m different from other guys or if other guys are not good at saying what I feel.  But back to the Filipina.

I think I’ve come to understand something about them.  Now I know its bad to generalize and I know there are all kinds of variations on this theme I’m about to propose.  Without some generalization, I don’t think I could write about anything!

Filipina, the pressures on them from family are great.  I sense that I don’t know the full extent of it.  I talk to Jessie about it sometimes.   She seems to nod in agreement.  Agreement, that I don’t understand!

Filipina, they often have a hard time saying what they want.  They seem to feel guilty about wanting more than they have.  I get the sense that they believe they should accept what they have and be satisfied regardless of what it is.  Especially with men.  They usually have such a great respect and love yet a fear of  their father.

Beautiful Filipina

Waray-waray Filipina

At the same time, I think they are brought up with this fairy tale idea of what to expect from their mates.  I am not sure little girls in the USA are still brought up that way.  I don’t think they are.  Jessie seems to confirm this.  Filipina, especially younger ones frequently share the concept of faithful and monogamous man.   At the same time, there seems to be a culture of among the pinoy of quiet promiscuity.  This leads to a lot of broken hearted women in the Philippines.

It all seems to be “hush hush” too.  Seems like everyone is pointing their fingers at everyone else.  With all this finger pointing going on, I wonder how there could be so much “hanky panky” going on?

I have watched young women, have an affair with a guy she knows is married.  I have seen this more than once.  Everyone knows its going on.  She gets pregnant and the guy disappears and she is shocked.  I’m shaking my head in disbelief.  The woman had a job, she got fired.  Now she’s back to living in poverty, the man claimed to be overseas and he’s still in the country.  She’s 19 and she is probably locked into poverty for the rest of her life.  She has almost no chance of finding work or a husband either now.  Perhaps a husband.  She might win the lottery too!

I don’t understand how she thought the outcome could be any different but she did think it would be different.  I don’t understand because I don’t know the culture well enough to understand.  I am learning though.  Some of it is just youth.  Some of it is being unable to see potential danger in actions, which is part of youth.  She’s been introduced to the school of life and its lessons can be harsh.  The lessons can be costly to one’s future.

I hope Filipina don’t become less loving and caring and they are that.  Yeah, I know, a generalization.  Okay, I ‘m guilty, I made it and there are some very unloving and uncaring Filipina.  I know, I’ve met one that I would consider swearing under oath has no heart at all!

I don’t have to worry though, the change wont happen in my lifetime.  Everything will change over time.  For now, though, I’m in the land of an amazing woman  Oh complicated, sometimes moody and all those things that have always driven men crazy but they are also tender and loving and forgiving.  Heck, Jessie may even be able to put up with me and my crazy ideas.   I wont be surprised if she too decides I’m crazy and too much trouble.

Yeah, there are some conniving, sneaky, manipulative Filipina but I bet they are also loving and tender and caring, at least some of the time or maybe to that one person.  I know they are out there.  I’ve met them.

I watch the mothers around my home.   I see the neighbour come home and always greet her children in a tender loving way.  They are extremely well behaved so I’m sure there is also some sternness that I don’t see.

Filipina are loving.  I see this over and over again.  I see a lot of culture clash with me, that too is very real.  That doesn’t change their basic make up.  Instead that’s more about how poorly we communicate at times.

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