That Filipina Smirk

Before coming to the Philippines, I noticed a look on many Filipina faces (via webcam).  Its a look of indifference.  I pick on Jessie and call it the Filipina smirk.  She knows exactly what I mean too.  She has a friend that is  a master at it but wears it on her face too much, its too pronounced though I’m sure its natural.  I don’t think this is something they do consciously.  Rather I think its picked up culturally and passed from Filipina to Filipina that way.


Pretty Filpina with Smirk on her Face

The look is all in the lips.  Kind of pressed down, not too much frown, not too much smile.  A lot less smile though.  It looks like a poker face and maybe it is.  Its my impression that Filipina often avoid conflict by keeping their mouth shut and managing to get things they want them in some other way.

I’m wondering if  the look might not come from hardship though.  Most Filipino don’t have a lot.  Many learn to be happy with what they have.  I wonder if this look is a manifestation of that?  Maybe you have an insight that could help me out.

I’ve not seen the same kind of look on American women.  Why one culture would develop it another would not?  I have no idea. Filipina roll their eyes as much as anyone, I get lots of that from Jessie. Nothing much faces me these days, which is good.  I just laugh at her when she does it and harass her some more!

I’m curious, how many of you have spotted a smirking Filipina?

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