Many men come to the Philippines hoping to find love. I have good news you can find love in the Philippines. It can be real love and it can be good. It can be with a younger beautiful woman if that is what you are looking for. Finding love in the Philippines is quite possible but love every where is a mind field and there are no love devices to detect explosive situations. Lonely men are not always at the best when it comes to judgement when a pretty woman shows them interest.

Foreign Men Finding Love In The Philippines

There are some dangers in this search for love in the Philippines. Many men first look to meet someone via the Internet. This can work but one should move very slowly. I met a wonderful woman on the Internet when I wasn’t even looking. We have been happy together for almost four years. They have been the best four years of my fifty-two years. I moved to the Philippines in Febuaray of 2008 and magnified my oppurtunties in life and for me, they are centered around this woman. Many others report similar stories. Others do not have the same result.

Some of the problems are caused by culture. More problems are caused for men that get their hearts set on a certain Filipina after meeting online. They will spend a lot of time with these girls and fall in love long distance.

There are many Filipina that make a living working in the Internet cafes in the Philippines by pretending to love men. I personally know women that do this. They often make a better income from this than they can hope to with a traditional job. The problem is that many have no hope of finding work. Work is very hard to find and labor laws in the Philippines do not prevent discrimination based on age. Generally only the young and over-educated will find work even in a department store. So often they turn to the Internet to earn their living.

Even more common are women that want a foreign man so much they will say or agree to anything and fully believe they mean it. Or they hope to treat their man so well once he is here that will be happy with them even if they don’t keep their promises.

Filipina are often quite shy. They may become too fearful to actually go through with a meeting. They may really want to but are just unable to do it. They may have been living in a fantasy during the entire online courtship.

Finding Love In The PhilippinesFor these reasons, I highly recommend that you keep your contacts with women in the Philippines friendly and superficial. Get their contact information like their cell phone number. Then you can have many contacts to develop the kind of relationship you are looking for once you are here. Or just wait until you are here and it is unlikely that you will have a problem meeting quite a few women that will be interested in a relationship.

However, almost nobody does this except for those interested in the “bar girls” of Angeles City and such places.  I can assure you that is exactly what I would do if there is a next time. I hope there won’t be. There are problems in this approach too.  It makes it harder to get to know someone. If you spend hours upon hours with them in video chat before you arrive, you can get to know them pretty well unless they are really good liars. If they are you probably will not be able to detect that.

As one person told me in email the other day “Some of these girls will tell a foreigner anything.” They hope once “he” is here and is treated like a king that he will fall in love and they can mold him into what they want him to be. I think that is probably an excellent observation. We all put our best foot forward when we first meet someone that we want to have a relationship with. It is very normal thing to do.

Finding Love In The Philippines After You Are Here

Last night I went for a walk alone. I love walking down to the wharf at night when there is a breeze. I didn’t plan on going that far. I planned on going to the bank.  The ATM was offline, so I just kept going.  First looking for a trike, when I didn’t find one, I just walked it.

Several Filipina spoke to me on the way.  Once I got to the wharf and sat down to enjoy the breeze and the stars.  It took me about 40 minutes to get there. Within five minutes a pretty young woman approached me. She asked me who I was with. I told her my wife. She looked around and not believing me she said “Where is she?”  I pointed up the street.  I often tell people that it would take me 30 minutes to meet a Filipina on the streets of the Philippines.  I don’t think they believe me. Okay, it took 45 but it was 10:45pm in Bogo City and Bogo is close to dead at that time of night.  There are several karaoke bars along the wharf though and people do go down to the wharf to have drinking sessions. Several other women had spoken to me and I practiced my limited Cebuano. I’m totally devoted to Jessie. I am really just not interested.

A girl this bold though sends up red flags. Mostly I just get seductive looks and smiles.  I wont lie, its nice but Filipina are rarely this bold.

As a side note, it was absolutely beautiful. The moon rose late and was a brillant orange before turning white an casting its shine over the sea. There was a nice breeze so I was not hot. Later Jessie joined me there we had a nice talk but mostly sat there and enjoyed the view. She suggested we go to the BBQ so we had a late night snack. Very pleasant random event. I use to walk down to the wharf a lot. I really enjoy going there at night or late in the evening.

Sunday, I went to the Hide Away Beach Resort in Odlot. As I was leaving a very pretty Filipina working as cashier started giving me the look and twirling her hair and Jessie is sitting right beside me. Her I would pursue if I were single. I would start out with the assumption she just wants to go shopping. I’ve seen girls promise guys whatever they want when they had no intention of every living up to it. They just want money. The key this is “just’ money.  They never intend to give of themselves. There is no way I’d take a Filipina I was interested in shopping or give them money based on promises.

It really isn’t the same as it is in the USA. Women in the USA often have incomes better than men. That happens too but it isn’t normal. I have yet to have a Filipina that appeared to be well off give me those seductive eyes. Yes, they often want a better life but many will also allow you to find real love in the Philippines.

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