Filipino Turning to Ice?

I’ve been out since early afternoon, its now 7pm and I’ve been watching Filipino and especially Filipina bundle up and shake with the chills of 25C or about 77F degree temperatures.

The winds are blowing pretty hard, especially on the bay making it feel cooler than it is.  Jessie had her sweater and was trembling with cold.  I saw snowmanpinoy with their hoods over their heads and their arms across their chest.  The pinay were trembling with cold.  Now me, I was in heaven.  As were all the other white guys I saw.  The Filipino though, they are just not use to this.  One would think that there was an inch of snow on the ground in Jackson, Ms. from their reactions.

I found it pretty amusing, as I’m usually the one burning up.  Jessie just said “cold in here, cold out there, cold every where.”   Hmmm, my face is burning but overall it has been nice for me.

According to Philippine web sites, there are only two seasons in the Philippines.  We are in the cooler season now but it is still the rainy season, according to most.  Seems everyone I ask has a different time frame as to when the dry season ends and the wet season begins so I wont even try.  I’ve about given up on that.  I think it depends on where you are and I can’t find anything on the official Philippine weather site.

I sure wish the temperatures would be like this year round but they wont be.  Though it is cooler here than Memphis, the sun is more direct and the humidity is much higher.  Still, it doesn’t feel as hot here as it did back in Memphis to me.  The sun seems to burn more though.

Jessie and I met Ilyn and her friend Divine in the part we invited them both to BBQ but Divine had to go home to feed her child.  Divine speaks English though she had some problems with my strong southern accent.  Ilyn understands more than she likes to let on but she’s shy and just giggles.  Most Filipina are very shy.

I had another wonderful day living in the Philippines. Started to go to a basketball game but changed my mind, in part because the battery in my camera died so I decided I had enough for one day. I am a bit tired.

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