Bikini Contest in Bogo

Thursday, October 23, Jessie and I went down to the Wharf to have some fun at the Disco.  We meet a Filipino friend (JR) at the BBQ by the Sea and later joined by another expat (Greg) and his girlfriend (Ilyn).  After eating dinner and getting primed with some San Miguel pilsen off we went to the party going on at the Japer’s Dicso, formally known as Pardo’s Hangout.

There was a P200 cover charge which is a lot in the Philippines and we all pondered on the idea of paying this fee or not.  In the end, our curiosity got the best of us.  I went for the culture but my friends didn’t seem to believe me.  Actually it was full of Filipino Culture for me.  I do believe the P200 was to high.  I’m glad I went but I’m unlikely to pay that again.

We were among the very first to arrive around 8:45 PM.  Soon Japer’s band took the stage, led by a sultry Filipina with an outstanding voice.  The band itself is very competent and enjoyable.  There were many reserved tables for various dignitaries expected to visit the Disco.  These dignitaries included the Bogo City mayor and police chief.

Once things got going, the master of ceremonies took the stage and immediately caused a significant amount of laughter.  A flamboyant transvestite, causing humor with intended exaggerations.  At one point, she came and sat beside me and sang part of Rolling On The River.  I happily played along with her.  She asked Greg to bless her which he did.  It was all in good fun.

Now most of this contest was fairly tame.  One part of it got a bit powerful but everyone kept the clothes on.  That alone is probably different than what would occur in the US.  There were many middle aged women there as well.  Everyone that is anybody in Bogo City was at the party.  The awards were presented by various city officials.  The three judges were from various businesses in Bogo City.

I certainly had a good time, I don’t know what some of the older women thought of it.  But many of them did take the dance floor after the contest was over.

And the winner?  Here’s a picture of her.  She’s very pretty and was one of the milder ones when it came to the dancing portion of the contest.

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