Family That Dances Together

Last night Jessie and I went down to the BBQ by the Bay and noticed the disco was hoping so we went over to see.  We learned there is no entry fee on Mondays.  They usually charge a P50 door fee (I could be wrong on the amount) and you get one free beer.

Last night seems to be a bit of an informal family night.  There were mom’s dancing with their daughters.  There was a white guy that looked to be over 80.  With his back haunched over and a shuffle in his walk but he Disco Manwas out on the dance floor.  He was hooting and hollering while dancing with a pack of girls in a circle.  He’d lead them all down to the floor and tap on the floor encouraging them to also to go all the way to the floor.

Some of the girls were underage but that’s not an issue here, some were pre-teen.  They were with their family and all but two were on the dance floor.  The girls were much more laid back than what they usually are when their parents are not around.  But that’s totally normal.

The mayor was there too.  He doesn’t dance so it must be okay for me to not dance as well.  We are not chicken, we are just too dignified?  Okay, he’s dignified, I’m just scared of making a fool out of myself.  I think Jessie wants to dance but she doesn’t admit it.  I’ll have to get up the nerve, the exercise wont hurt me.  I do keep thinking of the pain it is likely to cause.

The “hospitality girls” were there.  The two were far more quiet than normal.  The band was not there.  Monday must be their day off.  Japer’s really needs to bring in guest bands from time to time and perhaps do away with that door charge as the place is usually empty.  When the band is there, far fewer people dance as the band is a little bit rock and roll.  The bands lead singer is quite good.

The people on the dance floor were really having fun.  Their faces were lit up with smiles.  It is interesting for me to see mom basically teaching their daughters.  Even with Jason in the second grade, they dance at the school Christmas party.  Getting them started at a young age is very good.  The closest we ever got was square dancing in the fourth grade before the schools were integrated.  After that, they killed that fun.

There’s one thing that the Philippines doesn’t have a shortage of and that would be hot Filipina.  The hottest one in the place was with me though.  I had a couple of beers and then headed home with Jessie.

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