Check out the pictures of the pretty Filipina in the Philippine version of a beauty contest.

I’ve been slow getting my pictures for the Bikini Contest in Bogo City ready to publish.  But they are finally ready and you can view them here.

I took a lot of pictures that night but it is hard to take pictures of fast moving girls in darkly lit buildings.  I managed to get some nice shots though.  My camera is slow so I have to point and pray.  Get the shot ready and hope the girl walks into it or stay still long enough for me to get it.

It is an older Sony Mavica that writes pictures to CD.  That process is a bit slow and it takes the camera some time to get ready to take pictures as well.

Whoever said disco was dead hasn’t been to the Philippines.  It is alive and well here.

The disco is on the Wharf and is on stilts over the sea waters of the Bay of Bogo.

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