Getting Use To The Changes

When I first made my move to the Philippines, I use to hear Jessie say “Get use to it.” I heard it a lot. Now it has become an inside joke. Today she said, “I’m cold.”  I replied with get use to it. haha  It is a chilly 25C in our bedroom. I’ve forgotten what that is in F now. About 80C?  I had a converter in my phone but that is gone now. I took it swimming when I was in the Visayan Sea off the coast of Bantayan Island last week.  There have been things for Jessie to get use to as well. She has grown so much in the three years I’ve been here. I had to get use to her Asian ways and she had to get use to my Western ways. That doesn’t happen overnight. Jessie would have never worn something like she has on in this picture three years ago. She didn’t have the confidence. I’m glad she does now.

Move To The Philippines for a Filipina?For most there will be some adjustments when you move to the Philippines. Some never get use to it. That’s really okay. If you don’t like it then don’t stay. Some that never get use to it then go on a vendetta to tell everyone else that is having a great time what a horrible place it is. We are all wrong, we are just kidding ourselves. You see, we just think we are happy. Okay, I think I’m  happy but I’m not? “Danger Will Robinson!”

I jest but there is danger in listening to others. Especially those that tell you it is paradise and those that will tell you it is hell. I’m not really an overly positive person. There was a time a lot of people called me “Mr. Doom and Gloom” so I can’t be that positive. I have probably changed a lot. Maybe I thought life should always be good. I don’t know. I am certainly more upbeat than I was back in those days. At times though, I can still have a pretty gloomy outlook.

My point is that how you see the results of a move to the Philippines depends on you. I also think it depends on your circumstances. It also depends on your ability and willingness to adapt. There’s no doubt that Jessie is a huge factor for me. As long as I have her, I think I’ll love it here. Just that simple for me. There are some wonderful women here but there isn’t another Jessie.

I think it is a bad idea to move to the Philippines for a specific girl. Especially one that you’ve not actually met. I didn’t move here for Jessie.  She was a big factor in my decision to come but at the time I was coming things were not going well between us. I didn’t know if she’d even show up. When I rented an apartment, I had no idea if she’d be joining me. I was leaning toward believing that she would not show up.  I think we were barely speaking at the time. I told her I got an apartment and I’m coming in February. She didn’t even know I did it at the time.

I suppose I didn’t move to the Philippines in the traditional sense. I just sold most everything and left behind what I couldn’t sell or move. I wish I had sold more things but I thought I’d be back more often than I have been. I also thought I’d be filthy rich here. I’m certainly not filthy rich. However, I have a higher standard of living here than I would in the USA. Maybe I got use to it and my idea on a standard of living isn’t the same. Actually, I’m pretty sure it is not the same as it was more than three years ago. Because three years ago I recall thinking my standard of living will be less here.

In some ways my standard of living is lower now. Things I was use to in the USA and now things I’m use to not having. Things like central air con and centralized hot water. I must say, centralized hot water seems like massive over kill to me now. I’d probably still have a car if I lived in the USA but the one I had was dying.  Buying a new car in the USA would have been next to impossible. I could get one here but I’d have to scrape buy each month so I don’t. I don’t need one. It would be nice to have. I would have seen many more places if I could get where I wanted to when I want too. One of these days I may make enough from the web to do that but I’m not there yet.

Give Yourself Time To Get Use To It

I think it takes a little time. It took me six months before I felt like I had a clue what was going on here. I still had a long way to go and I still do. There are not a lot of us that have been living in the Philippines for more than four years. Most never make it five years. It is hard for me to imagine not being here in another year but there are things that could make that happen. So I will not say it isn’t possible. It does not take five years to know. How long also depends on you.  I would say give yourself at least a year unless things just go horribly wrong for you.

I see so many incorrect things said about the Philippines because of a lack of understand of the culture. Hey, you might not like the culture. You might still hate the things you do. I’m not here to tell you what to like or dislike.  I will try to tell people about the culture and explain the differences as best as I understand them. I sometimes get attacked for this. Lately some of the comments that never see the light of day have been amazing. Amazingly vile and sometimes stupid.

They come for those with a little learning that think they are experts. They are experts to those that have never been here. I’m sure some of them have experienced things in the Philippines that I have not. I’d love to have dissenting views.  Sometimes I learn something because there’s only one of me and I can’t get all over the place. I love to learn. However, no matter how far wrong you are, I’m not going to tell you that you’re a moron and I get comments like that. I would say don’t listen to only me. I’m a dang good source of information because of my constant research and probing mind. It is just the way I am made. I don’t have all the answers and there are differing opinions.

Sometimes things change here and I’m not aware of it. I can think of one example. I’ve gotta update my eBook too on this. When I moved to the Philippines, I couldn’t hardly use my credit card any place. That might have been a good thing but I had a couple of lean months because of it. One of the things I had to get use to after moving to the Philippines was using cash. Now, in Cebu City and other places with malls, people are having no problems using their credit cards to pay for things. Others visiting here and commenting here made me aware of those changes.

I do not think you can move to the Philippines and not have some adjustments to make. If you find change hard and do not not have a good reason to make them, I don’t think you will be happy. I had a couple of good reasons. I’d be living in what I consider poverty in the USA and I had a good woman here.  Those things made it much easier to get use to things after I made my move to the Philippines.

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