Since I have been living in the Philippines, I’ve seen things that have caused me to re-evaluate many things. I’ve been exposed to a lot of superstitious beliefs including those revolving around ghost in the Philippines.

A lot of what I hear from Filipina still seems pretty far fetched. I can’t totally discount what I’ve seen and felt. Last week, I got pretty sick. For the last year, the skin on my hands and feet has become like plastic, then split open. It is probably scleroderma, an autoimmune disorder that can be life threatening but in my case likely just makes me tired and the problems with my skin.

Ghostly Experience in the Philippines

My worst fear is that my feet would become infected. Just when I decided this was too superficial for aswangthat to be a real concern, my foot got infected. It had been hurting a lot. Throbbing with pain. Jessie was massaging the top part of my foot when she said “puss.” The rubbing must have caused something to burst. Talking about pain, it really hurt then.

She went to the store to get me some antibiotics. While she was gone, I started having fairly severe chills. Severe enough that it scared me a bit. I kept working on a website for a bit before I finally decided to lay down and finally cover up.

I sent Jessie a text telling her she needed to come home as I was sick. She felt of me but could not detect a fever. Seems I had one but Jessie is always warm and she had been outside so the fever was so low that she couldn’t detect it. She did later.

She went down stairs to do something. I think to make some Guava Tea for my foot. That is an antiseptic made from a plant. It is widely used in the Philippines and I know of one hospital that uses it in Leyte Philippines.

While she was downstairs, I was really shaking. Worried if it would get worse and if I was headed for real trouble here. I considered going to the hospital but I really didn’t feel like moving at all. So I continued to lay on my side and just shiver.

I felt something get in the bed with me. I looked around and nothing there. I just laid back down and thought nothing more of it. Until something moved and then pressed hard against my back and legs. The sensation was so strong I could not ignore it.  I looked again and nothing was there but when I turned back over I could no longer feel it.

I felt this one other time but it woke me and I mostly figured I was dreaming. This time I was not dreaming. I did feel something that resembled something getting in bed and then laying against me to comfort me. Am I convinced it was a ghost? No but I must say I think it was.

Other Ghost in the Philippines

I told Jessie I don’t think the ghost likes her since it waited until she left. There have been several sightings of an “entity” in the house. All the sightings have come from a couple of different ya yas that didn’t know each other. They say it looks like Jessie.

white lady ghostOne morning I saw a lady dressed in white dancing in the street. This was about 4am in the morning. The church nearby had just rung its bells and I heard singing coming from the church. I thought it was just a lady swaying in the street. Though the dress appeared to be see through. What an odd thing to do at 4am in the morning. Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t walk up there to get a better look at a slender woman swaying in the street in a see through dress. I wish I had. I was sitting on our front porch which is a long way from the street.

There is a well known story about “The White Lady” in the Philippines. The tale was even featured on National Geographic or the Discovery Channel.  I don’t recall the story very well but she visits men while they sleep and I think tries to steal their soul. Whatever she does, it is not friendly.

While I strongly discounted the stories of the Philippine shape shifter often refereed to as an Aswang, I saw what appeared to be one. A bird about 2am in the morning, with the head of a humming bird and the wings of a bat. I’ve mentioned that several times on this blog.  Once again, I’m not convinced it was an Aswang but all the Filipina I know in the area are. They tell me not to go outside at night. Ha, I went out looking for it. There is a banana grove behind my home and Aswang are said to love banana trees.  I don’t know what I saw but I know what I saw had a long pointed beak on it.

Directly in front of our home there is are two rows of homes. There is a walkway between the two rows. I heard storied that there is a ghost that doesn’t like it when they trim a tree there. I’ve seen something moving many times there in the middle of the night. Maybe it was a cat or a dog but I don’t think so.

Someone cut that tree down. I’m not outside as much as I use to be but I just realized that I have not seen that mysterious movement in the night since that tree was cut down. “Twas the wind and nothing more.”

The stories don’t come just from Filipinos though. I’ve had some eerie stories retold to me by other expats living in the Philippines.  The most notable was when a couple, one American and one Filipina saw a pair of eyeballs in their bed. That story gave me chills when it was told to me.

I am not a true believer of ghost interacting with humans but there does seem to be a heightened element of supernatural activity in the Philippines. I know many Westerners that laugh these things off but most have not been here very long. I don’t know what to believe but I know that I am not discounting all of the stories I hear. Instead, I remain open minded and do believe something is going on here that is not common in the USA.

By Rusty Ferguson

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