Poverty in the Philippines led to really strange article in the Philippines press today.  Just when I think I’ve become accustom`  to the Filipino culture something new arises and causes me to shake my head.  Then I move toward accepting it as part of the way of life in the Philippines. I think accepting the Filipino way is essential to fully enjoy living in the Philippines

The mayor of Cebu has made changes to the way garbage collection is done.  The land fill the city has been using has been overfilled for a long time.

Poverty In the Philippines

To relieve this, the city is gearing up the recycle of the cities waste.  Sounds like a great idea.  Food and other biodegradable waste will be used to make compost bins for fertilizer.   Other items, like used cans and jars will be sold to recyclers.

The landfill will be used solely for residential waste that cannot be recycled.   Garbage trucks have already been refused entry into landfill that didn’t properly segregate the items as directed by the city.  Sounds like a great idea to me.  But wait, there is a problem!

This may be having an negative impact on those caught in the grip of poverty in the Philippines.

Poverty In The Philippines

It seems the 600 or so people that scavange in the landfill or “smokey mountain” as it is often referred to by Filipino will loose the meager earnings they gleam from the waste of others.

If you haven’t already seen these two post I made about poverty in the Philippines, you should really check out this link:  “Poverty In The Philippines” as it is a sad eye opener about the poverty in the Philippines.

I don’t know how much help these folks will get from authorities and it would be out of line for me to suggest they should.  The city clearly has to do something and this makes a lot of sense to me.  Maybe some nongovernmental organizations (NGO) can move in to fill any void that it creates.

There are programs in the Philippines designed to reduce the poverty in the Philippines.   There is one that gives money to extremely poor families that keep their children in school.  An NGO is also involved in this program.

Does This Change Increase Poverty In the Philippines?

You know, it doesn’t make sense that it would increase poverty in the Philippines.  In fact, it would make sense that this would create more jobs.  People will be needed too further sort the waste collected and to tend to the compost bins.  Also people will be needed to service the customers that buy the recycle waste.

Of course, that’s not going to help the poor Filipino that makes a few pesos a day from their hard work they perform in the landfill.  Perhaps there will still be enough items for them to secure some funds.  Sadly, if you watched those videos in the two post above you’ll already know that poverty in the Philippines leads many to eat what is in the trash dumps.

It also makes me want to slap those foreigners around that say Filipino are lazy.  Lazy? Six hundred people work that one landfill. They work  in the hot blazing sun in oppressive humidity for a few peso.  Filipino are  not lazy!  Many Filipino seem give up due to a loss of hope.   This despair is brought about by the extreme poverty in the Philippines.

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