Halloween In The Philippines

Filipinos love to party.  They look for an excuse.  When someone dies they gamble and the police wont bother them during the wake.  Halloween is a great excuse to party.  Though we didn’t go to the local disco tonight we did peer in the windows and saw a girl or maybe a guy dancing with wings.

The kids don’t go door to door here on Halloween but they do that on Christmas.  I kind of like that idea of door to door on Christmas!  Kind of reminds me of the wise men traveling to bring gifts but on Christmas the kids go door to door to get gifts here.

Halloween in the Philippines is a party for the kids, parents in  the Philippines and no red blooded Filipino needs an excuse to party as they can always find one.  Just being alive is reason enough and you know what, that attitude makes the Philippines an endearing and fun place.

Friendship is a huge thing in the Philippines and being invited to a party is part of building that bond.  I hope that next year I’ll be a member of San Remegio and be able to take a group to that beach club and rub shoulders with the Cebu social crowd and have some fun doing it.   San Remegio is having a big party tonight.  San Remegio is a beach club just north of Bogo City.

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