Hot Showers

Just a quick note, I have hopefully taken my last cold shower.   Found one for P5700 yesterday.  More than I wanted to pay but still bought it.  That’s about $125, I’m just using my quick converter, the one in my head.  🙂

Was suppose to get it installed yesterday but that didn’t work out.  We should get it installed tomorrow.  Hope all goes well with that.  Means I’m gonna be broke again this month.  LOL  Oh well, nothing new there.

If you’re a westerner looking to rent a place via online ads, don’t forget to ask about hot water.  Many places don’t have hot water.  The water here is often much warmer than what you’re probably use to out of the tap but its still fairly cool much of the time.  Sometimes it is hot right out of the tap!  Only if the pipes have been exposed to the sun though.  It depends on which part of the Philippines you live in.  Also, for those of us living in the Philippines, hot water at the tap is rare indeed.


I hope to get Henry to give me a second round of reflexology when he installs the water heater.  Not much doubt that it helped my legs.  They’ve tightened back up.

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