Organs for Sale In The Philippines

The Manila Times is reporting that the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has discovered that Filipina are sometimes marrying foreigners in order to sell their organs to them.

About a year ago, it became illegal for foreigners to obtain an organ from the Philippines.  I never looked into that law, just saw it reported in the headlines.  It was enacted in part, because Filipino were having great difficulty in obtaining organs as foreigners were buying them, reducing the supply for the local population.  It would appear that there were exceptions in that law, which is common practice.

Exceptions must be approved by the DSWD and they recently denied a request where a Filipino requested that she give her newly married Saudi husband her kidney.  The DSWD rejected the application because it was a sham.

It speaks to the desperation of some of the Filipino people.  Many live in such poverty they are willing to undergo surgery and sell their organs.

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