Just a quick update on the guys busted on Bantayan Island and a new one charged in Cebu.  The girl Kuntz was found with on Bantayan Island is now missing.  I don’t know if she’s in hiding or what has happened to her.  Her parents have been charged with a serious crime.

This last Friday, according Inquirer.net, A 37-year-old American tourist named Michael Wilson was arrested last Friday following a complaint filed by a 16-year-old girl who accused him of neglecting to give her medical attention.

This is a strange charge when the entire story is read.  Due to the nature of the story, its difficult for me to write about the story on this site.  My advertisers may object.  So please read the story and you’ll see what I mean.  If you comment, please keep my advertisers in mind.

I suspect additional charges will be filed.  Jessie took one look at the story and said the girl wants more money.  I suspect Jessie is right. This guy has been had. It will be out of her hands now.  She can’t drop the charges.  Perhaps she could change her story.  This guy is in a whole heap of trouble.  He made his bed.

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