Earlier this month, an American missionary was arrested for being in the company of minors.  His name is Mr. Rohn.  He pretty much had a house full of kids ranging from three to 15 years old.  Now two sisters have filed charges against him for molesting them.

The 15 year old said she was doing this because the police had been questioning her mother regarding the issue and were afraid that they would charge her.  By filing the charges she hopes to take the heat off her parents.  I should say that at least that is what has been reported here.

The girl may be telling the truth, it could very well be she just didn’t want to file charges.  That would not be unusual at all.  Most of the time, victims feel like they are just as guilty.  No matter how worldly and grown up a 15 year old is, she is still a child.  I sure thought I knew everything at 15 but was I ever wrong.

The American Embassy is said to have helped the two girls in the filing of charges.  How it helped is not clear.

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