A lot of people come to the Philippines in search of love.  It is sometimes called sex tourism.  Sometimes it includes human trafficking and slavery.

The Philippines has a lower incidence of HIV than most of its neighbors despite sharing many of the risks, but health officials warned on Thursday that many new cases were now coming to light.

The numbers are still low though, under 4000 known cases with only 300 new cases this year.  That 300 cases though appears to be a large increase.  It would be almost 10% of the total number of cases.

Those coming to the Philippines for sex tourism should certainly take note.  I hear many people say the “bar girls” have medical checks every week.  I say, it is foolish to put your trust into a document that can be easily produced on a home computer or purchased

If you want to participate in sex tourism, you had best take the necessary precautions.  You could end up with a death sentence.  If your involved in slavery, you should get at least life.   At one point, it would result in the death penalty butl the Gloria Arroyo administration declared the death penalty to be void.  Love is good but be careful out there!

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