How to View Blocked Content in The Philippines

Ever gone to a website only to find that you  cant access the content  because you are not in the USA?  YouTube, MSNBC, Comedy  Central, NetFlix and many more website will block you from viewing the content if you are outside of North America.   There is a way around it.  I watch movies and TV shows on Netflix, I watch The Colbert Report and The Daily Show and I watch the videos I wish to watch on YouTube.   How do I do it?  I signed up for StrongVPN.

I found it very easy to setup.  Though I have setup VPN’s before, I don’t  think you’ll have problems.  If you follow the steps, you should have no problems either.  They have  responsive customer service though.  Something getting very hard to find these days.

They have various options to choose from, I was able to go with their lowest priced service. There have been several services that I wanted to use but was unable to do so because it was not offered in the Philippines.  Now I am able to do use them.

The website you visit sees only my USA IP address now.  If you’re big into privacy, this service also keeps your internet service provider (ISP) from keeping up with what you are doing online.

It may also allow you to use your credit card while in a foreign country.  Sometimes credit card companies will block your transactions if they determine you’re using an IP address outside of your home country.  This may help with that but you’ll have to try it yourself.

StrongVPN offers you a trial period, I think it is seven days but you should confirm that.  If it doesn’t work for your needs, you can get a refund.  I’ve found it very useful  I use it mostly for NetFlix but also Comedy Central, I have really missed The Colbert Report but I miss it no more.  It also comes in handy when I try watching videos on YouTube as those too are often blocked for those of that live in the Philippines.

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