It is Christmas in the Philippines. It is now about 9:30pm on the 24th. About an hour ago I did something with Jermain that I’ve done with my kids when they were young. And something I too did on my own when I was about Jermain’s age and nearly 50 years later can still remember doing it.

I was remembering how when I was five or six, looking out the window in the living room in PopularJermain Bluff Missouri and looking for Rudolf’s nose pulling Santa’s sleigh to my home to fill my life with toys on Christmas morning. I remember the window being cold and I placed my forehead upon it to look for Rudolf.

I must admit, it is still hard for it to feel like Christmas because of the hot balmy weather of the Philippines. Even upon my fourth year, I can accept it but it just should be nippy. I headed out my bedroom door and asked Jermain if he wanted to go Santa Clause hunting? Of course, his face lit up and he was quite excited. I asked where his brother was and the excitement in his body even shown through as he was explaining where his older brother was.

So out the door we went and up to the street. I looked for a radio tower as the red lights on those make a perfect Rudolf’s nose on Christmas Eve and I’ve used them in the past. I’m sure that is the same thing I saw when I was five and decided on my own that it was in fact Rudolf. Since I couldn’t find one, I found a dim star and pointed up at it and said “Look, I see Rudolf.”  As I bent down toward Jermain I asked if he saw it too and he excitedly assured me that he did see Santa Clause. I asked if the light was getting brighter and Jermain said it was in fact getting brighter.

Not as much is made of Santa Claus in the Philippines as it was when I was a kid in USA or even when my kids were young. Perhaps there is more Santa in Manila and Makati than there is in Cebu. I’ll even be surprised if I don’t see Santa’s influence grow in years to come but he is a part of Christmas here. Just not to the same extent as that as what I grew up with in the USA.

I don’t know if Santa holds the same magic for Jermain that Santa held for me at age five. If it is even close, one day Jermain may take his young one Santa Clause hunting. I don’t know if Santa holds the same magic but with the excitement in Jermain’s voice, I think it must be close to the same. If it is, then Jermain will likely remember our little hunt 50 years from now.

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