Living in the Philippines Requires One To Adjust

I don’t think the Bureau of Immigration is doing their job becasue there are too many white idiots living in the Philippines!  Please don’t get that wonderful Filipino pride all ready to come get me BI, I’m only joking and poking fun at some of the stupid things kano do while living in the Philippines do!  I know that isn’t the kind of idiot that this clause is referring to.

Sec 29. (a) The following classes of aliens shall be excluded from entry into the Philippines Idiots or insane persons and persons who have been insane

You might be an Idiot if you are living in the Philippines and:

  • Get involved in human trafficking
  • Work without the proper visa
  • Chase underage girls
  • Don’t run from underage girls
  • Hit your girlfriend or wife
  • Constantly lie to Filipina
  • Are disrespectful toward Filipino
  • Don’t TRY to understand her culture
  • Understand that her family is extremely important to her
  • If you are living in the Philippines and constantly complain about it.

I don’t really think you are an idiot if you do some of these things. I’m trying to be humorous, like the you might be a redneck if… series by Jeff Foxworthy. It can be hard to make humor translate well in the written word. For me humor comes best when I ain’t tryin’. 🙂

If you do those things, you probably won’t be happy here. Happily living in the Philippines does require some adjustments. For those of us past 40 we often find adjustments hard. We are set in our ways after so many years and the pains of the world have usually swatted our youthful idealism like a fly that won’t leave our meal alone.

Clowns Living In The PhilippinesIf you want to be happy here, you need to adapt. Though it is the other side of the world, things are so different here. Applying our way of thinking to the things around us is natural and you can be sure that we all do it. You’ll do it more in the beginning and you’ll misunderstand the actions of others more often. I’m sure I still do it in a countless number of ways. After living in the Philippines for more than three years though, I do see some things differently than I use too.

Filipino culture is a culture of sharing. I think this is the hardest thing for American’s living in the Philippines to overcome. It feels like every time you turn around someone is trying to take advantage of you because your rich. That isn’t what is happening though.

Oh, some Filipino will take every advantage of you they can. So will some Americans.  A lonely guy, anxious not to be lonely is a sitting duck for pretty Filipina willing to scam him.  You must not be anxious. Take your time and that too will take care of itself.

It seems nothing turns a good man into an idiot faster than a pretty girl ha ha. That never happened to you? Really? Yeah, me either. 🙂

You know there really are some idiot expats living in the Philippines. Why anyone would knowingly get involved in anything that is remotely close to human trafficking during these times is beyond me. The government seems to be a real and relentless drive to slow this activity down. People are being arrested every day now. There have been more convictions in the last year than the previous 9 years. You’re chances of getting 20 years to life are high. This is not a topic I wish to fully discuss here but I have another site that fully describes this topic if you’d like to read more and discuss it visit Hey Joe! Expats Living in the Philippines.

Every month, if not every week, some expat living in the Philippine does something that causes many of us to say, “What was that dude thinking?” But, the truth is all of us can fall to the temptations of life. I suggest we all try to be more understanding. Still, when one Westerner does something stupid while living in the Philippines it makes life for the rest of us harder. So I surely do wish we’d all get a lot smarter.

I half expect the director of the BI to be reprimanded for allowing so many idiots into the Philippines! Yes, I jest. We don’t come with a flashing billboard across our foreheads that displays “I’m an idiot.” Though sometimes, I have felt like I must have one after doing something stupid in life. Come on, I suspect you’ve felt the same way a few times. Then again, no one is as hard on me as I am on myself.

Being smart, adjusting to the culture will make for a happier expat living in the Philippines. I hear so many complain about the ways of life here. You know, I can understand that but maybe if you refuse to understand and adjust it isn’t the right choice for you. Nothing gets an American’s dander up more than some foreigner telling us how American’s should change. Filipino are not going to appreciate it any more than we do. We American’s love to say, “Love it or leave it.”

The Philippines may seem like paradise when you’re on the other side of the world. You can even find pocket paradise but honestly, living in the Philippines is not living in paradise. You have to die to accomplish that! That might be a better place to live if there is life after death and what religions teach us is true. I like living, so I think I’ll accept something just a notch below living in paradise. Living in the Philippines has enhanced my life, it is just that simple.  That is why I love living in the Philippines.

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