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Temperatures in the Philippines

Frankly,  I’m amused.  After living in the Philippines for the last three years, I am now cold at a temprature of 72F or 22C. I find this so amusing because I use to keep the air condition (air con for those of us that live in the Philippines) at 69F or 2oC.

Now, I have in no way been fully assimilated.  I will never be Filipino no matter how long I live in the Philippines.  When it is 25C (77F) at night I will see many Filipino bundled up in their lightweight jackets. Especially, if there is a stiff breeze.

You see, I still live with air con and most Filipino do not. I’ve grown more use to the higher temperatures but I’m not as use to it as most of those that are born here.

Pinoy  Living In The Philippines

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However, if I hadn’t tried to get use to warmer temps that people living in the Philippines must endure, I would be paying a lot more in electricity.  Also, my porous home makes it very hard to cool my bedroom below 25C during the day. Though sometimes I do try. I keep the air con at 24 to 26C but usually at 25C.  It depends on how I’m feeling. I have always had period of feeling flush, even since a child. I am extremely hot natured.

If Your Living In The Philippines Anticipate Brownouts

The reason I turned it down is because it is Sunday and we have too many all day brownouts in Bogo City on Sunday’s. I figured that if I have to go most of the day without air con,  I would keep it cooler longer by lowering the temperature as much as I could now.

They often turn the lights off at 8am on Sundays and right this moment it is 7:59 AM. So I’m also hitting the save button ever minute or two. I wish I could get the time back that I’ve lost to hitting the save button in fear of the dreaded Philippine brownout.

Getting Use To Living In The Philippines

When I first started living in the Philippines, I sometimes made comments about how different things are here. So many things were, well foreign to me. Jessie would often say “Get use to it.”  I don’t hear that from her as often as I use too. In fact, sometimes I find ways to say that too her.  Often it has to do with her being cold at 25C.  Now that I have been here for a while, things don’t seem strange at all.

I suggest that if you decide to move to the Philippines that you also decide that you will give it some time to grow on you. For me, I love living in the Philippines.

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