Foreigners Can Be Deported for Protesting

I’ve written about this before but it is important enough that I’m going to write about it again.  Yesterday the Director of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) warned that foreigners present at schedule protesting against the current president of the Philippines will be subject to deportation. Further, he went on to say the BI would have plain clothed intelligence officer in the crowd and any foreigner present would be deported.  pnpbadge

So if your girlfriend is going to participate in the protest and you follow along to be with her or to experience the scene, you are putting your ability to stay in the Philippines in grave danger.  This is true for any protest, not just the protest that took place on Friday.

What you say on a website could result in your deportation.  So be careful what you say while in the Philippines.  Your right to free speech left once you entered the country.  If you criticize a public official or insult any Filipino you can be deported.  You can grumble about it if you want but you should probably keep that to yourself as well.  The BI seems to take this law very serious!

With the political unrest in the country that sometimes erupts into all out battle with police and military units within the Philippines, their position is quite understandable.  Also though, Filipino are more than capable of running their country the way they want it run.  They just don’t want foreigners meddling in internal affairs.

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