I’m sitting here in the dark. Another brownout in Cebu. My little City of Bogo is mighty black in this so called brownout. At least in the evening it wont be so hot. It is about 6:30pm.

My cable TV has been out for three weeks. We finally got a cable guy to show up this week. He tested a few things and then said the problem is inside the lines in the house. He said he would be back later. That was two days ago.   I’m waiting to get paid so we can hire someone to actually fix it.  We were trying to use a cheaper repair man.  It wont cost a lot but funds are low at the end of the month.

Jessie (my girlfriend) tried to call the power company and that is broken too.   When she calls she hears the famliar “The number you

bantayan island

Bantayan Island in The Philippines

called is under repair.”   Sometimes when that starts, it stays that way for weeks.  That could be a problem if we have a local power problem as the power company is a “fair piece” out of town.   With no transportation of our own, it can be a pain to go out there and report a problem.  We’ve not had a local issue in some time though.

While my internet is down due to the power failure, I can’t go to You Tube but when it comes back up, I will be looking for the Kenny Wayne Sheppard over of Bob Dylan’s tune “Everything is Broken.”

I couldn’t find a good copy of this tune, that is, with great sound quality.  Seems fitting some how.

Sadly, to add to the aggravation, once the lights came back on, my Internet connection was totally dead.   Globe, my Internet service provider did have a technician out before 11 am the next morning.  Router needed to be reset.  First time that happened, they gave us the password and let us do it.

I suppose this tune is my last ditch attempt at finding some humor in the situation. Brownouts and other infrastructure problems are just part of living in the Philippines.

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