It seems Jimmy Sieczka found a lot of things he didn’t like in the Philippines. He even left the Philippines a goodbye note with a video telling us all what he didn’t like. You know, the things he’s moaning about in this video are some of the minor annoyances that I’ve heard many others complain about. Many of the same things, I find humorous.  Jimmy, now if you go dissing a man’s fighting cock, he might just have to bust your head. They annoy him while I find them charming in most cases. How we see the world is a choice, you can see it positively or you can take yourself way too serious and see it the way Jimmy does.

Now for those new to this blog, I would like to point out that I love living in the Philippines. I think it is a wonderful country and I’ve certainly improved my life by living in Cebu.

Jimmy Sieczka ask “Why Is it That Every Hot Girl In The Philippines is A Lady Boy?”

Jimmy created a video he hoped that would go viral. He did a good job with his video but he’s got a problem.  Like many of us, his problem is his mouth.  haha  Jimmy, “my friend,” your mouth is pretty disgusting too.

Every hot girl Jimmy? Dude if that is really true, then you’ve got a problem. One of the best thing about the Philippines is the great looking women and their loving hearts.

Today, the press has picked up on Jimmy’s video and at least two local papers have written about  Jimmy and his video. Many Filipino blogs are also writing about it. This what I think Jimmy was hoping for. Its probably a good thing he waited till he left to do it.

The video was on YouTube but that site has removed it. I don’t really understand why unless it was to protect his life.  haha I suspect that he’s creating a good deal of ill will. I’ve seen two online stories about Jimmy’s film from the local press. And I found place where the video can be seen, for now. You can see here. I’m getting a copy and I might post it as well. Lots of people will likely be looking for it today.

One article said some reaction to the video in YouTube was violent.  Not everything he says Jimmy Sieczka Dislikes the Philippinesin this film is accurate. Like me, Jessie found the skin whitening agent segment funny. In fact, she found it funnier than I did.  That part of the Philippines struck me as pretty odd too. It spoke just as much to the West though. The same products they promote in our countries for one use become skin whitening agents in the Philippines. What it said to me is I can’t believe a word of what an advertiser says. As a note to the Filipina out there that I find so lovely, your skin is lovely the way it is. I’m partial to that golden brown but whatever the color its lovely.

Not all the CR’s in the Philippines are as bad as Jimmy Sieczka makes them out to be. Lots of them are. Most are disgusting but I guess I’ve become use to them.    In the malls they are fine, some very clean.  Outside of the malls and such, they are usually disgusting.  He complains of no seat but I’ve seen them with no tanks. Instead you get a bucket and dump that into the bowl to cause it to flush. We have become so spoiled because that actually bothers me too. And it is silly to be bothered by having to fill a bucket with water in order to flush a toilet.

As for the street food, the guy is nuts. That stuff is good. However, I’ve seen some pretty disgusting things at one BBQ stall. Like rats drinking out of the pails the workers are washing the utensils with. It usually isn’t like this but I could take you to a place where we could see it happen each and every night.

He points out all the beeping horns here and said the same  thing  I did. While it makes him angry, I found it humorous and interesting. Here, beeping is polite but as he says, you do that in the USA and someone will pull out a gun and blow you away. I wonder which way is better?

The oddest thing about this to me is that the guy is still annoyed by things that now seem completely normal to me. He looks like he’s in his late 20s or early 30s yet acts like he is 20 years older than me. He seems like a grumpy old man. And why he has to drop the F bomb every ten seconds  is beyond me.

I do have a copy of the video and I will attempt to get it online. It may take me a little while and more time than I have because it has been about a year since I’ve done this.  I think you’ll enjoy it. Some of you will sadly agree with his positions. I don’t have real issue with anything he says here, I just think he needs to take a xanax, enjoy life a little and quit sweating the small stuff. If your reaction is like his, then you probably need to take a xanax or two as well. Stop being so dang anal, its not that important and I hate to bust it too you, but you’re not either.

I suspect there are many things that Jimmy liked about the Philippines, especially the ladies and they probably enjoyed him too. But he didn’t make a film about that. He probably should have so this one wouldn’t have been so ill received. Jimmy, I hope you’re not planning on coming back within the next few months.

Most of the things he dislikes about the Philippines I can find another side to them. I can find them charming or they just really don’t matter. To the Filipino out there that want to string him up, awww, he’s not worth the effort.  I don’t have a problem with you either Jimmy but the hate might be going a little overboard. Your language though, now that needs work “my friend.”

You know he did comment on how friendly the people are and how beautiful the island of the Philippines are. He sees the world through more negative eyes than I do.  That doesn’t make him a bad guy. No, I’ve never met him. He might be fun to hang with if he doesn’t complain all the time.

By Rusty Ferguson

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