Kong Needs a Home

Filipino Monkey

Many of you know that nearly a year ago my monkey died and it was really hard on me.  His name was George and he pretty much represented all the change that was in my life at the time.

One of the visitors that frequent my websites is trying to get a monkey for me.  He was captured for being a thief.  Seems he was stealing the corn from the farmer.   I guess the monkey would say but you stole my land, we were here first!  🙂

I don’t know exactly where he is or how I’m going to get my hands on him or how I’m going to get a proper cage for him.  I want to build a cage that I can walk into that will keep him safe from the children.  I can’t always be with him and my landlord didn’t like it when I had George living inside the house.  If it was my house, there’d be no other place for him.  If she makes too much of a fuss, I’ll just move.

I don’t know if it is a girl or male.  Either is fine.  We need to find a vet that can handle it and get it its shots.  Since he has already been captured and is probably very lonely this will be a rescue and not taking a wild animal from the wild.  If someone doesn’t step in, this monkey will surely die.

I’ve already named it Kong.   Its a sweet looking monkey and my guess is that it is a girl.  Maybe I should name it Kongette.. 🙂  I am very excited about the possibility though I don’t look forward to having to tame it.  It is a young monkey though so it wont be impossible.

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