Accused Child Abuser Flees The Philippines

Preston Jay Kuntz paid his P100,000 (about $2000) and promptly fled the country.  He was found with a 12 year old girl on Bantayan Island in North Cebu Province last month.  The Philippines is now asking the US Department of Home Land Security to revoke his passport so he cannot leave the USA.

The Philippines has started extradition proceedings to bring him back to the Philippines to face charges here.

In related news, Gary Lee Rohn was arrested last week for being in the company of children.  At the time, the children first claimed they had not been abused.  Now, two girls, ages 11 and 15 are reporting that Rohn did touch them inappropriately.  Rohn has already surrendered his passport.

I will do what my best to continue to follow these two stories.

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